Orphan Black S03 E07: Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate


I’m not sure who at “Orphan Black” is in charge of naming the episode titles, but I freaking love them. On last week’s episode, we had two deaths: Miller and Paul. I didn’t expect Paul to die. There were times that I hated what he did to the clone club, but I didn’t want him to die. This week, we deal with revenge, elections and, Alison’s mom. Grab a campaign button and follow me.


Alison and Donnie are comical as they rush around getting ready for the synchronized campaign and drug deal events of the day, but first, the Hendrix’s drop by the shop to visit Mumsie dearest. We can now stop wondering why Alison is so prissy and uptight. Her mother, Connie (Shelia McCarthy) uses criticism like a surgical blade. She puts down Donnie, calling him Mr. Chubbs to his face. She even has an election poster of Marci Coates on her shop wall knowing that Alison is running against Marci. Alison needs her mother’s shop as a front for the drug deal, but Connie is fudging on signing the deed. She’s having second thoughts about Donnie being on the deed. It was a surprise to learn that Connie forced Donnie to take Alison’s last name as his own.


While Alison heads to the high school to campaign, Donnie goes with Jason to meet Pouchy the very same mobster that cut off Vic’s finger. Money for drugs in one envelope and campaign buttons and stickers in the second envelope; guess which one Donnie takes to the drug deal. Pouchy wants his money and if he doesn’t get it; Donnie loses a nose.

Thank goodness Alison has Felix as her campaign manager. I absolutely love Jordan Gavaris. Even when the episode is serious, you can always count on Jordan’s Felix to save the day and make you laugh at the same time. The funniest episodes are when he is helping Alison. Felix definitely saves Alison’s ass and the campaign when he has to pull a fast switcheroo and get Cosima to cover for Alison, who is looking for the missing drug money.


Mrs. S

Where Alison’s mom controls Alison with guilt trips and insults; Siobhan, Sarah and Felix’s foster mom, has killed her share of bad guys to keep her chicks safe. In a scene reminding me of one of Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns, Siobhan, played by the wonderful actress, Maria Doyle Kennedy, finds Sarah and Helena in a bar south of the border. Helena is angry; angry enough to stab Mrs. S for turning her over to Castor, but the bartender is a smart lady and takes Helena’s eating utensils away. Helena and Mrs. S get into a punching match.


Delphine starts all kinds of trouble when she drops in on Cosima and Shay. She needs Cosima’s urine for tests. I wasn’t sure where the Scott character fit in with out clone club, but after the last few episodes, it is quite evident that Scott is proving himself to be Cosima’s ‘Felix’.  With the excuse that he will teach Rachael how to play Gricola (which looks very similar to the Aricola game of medieval farm building) Scott is getting Rachael to decipher the code. Delphine, who claims that she loves Cosima, might be up to no good and, Shay may be a friend after all. Cosima is very, very, sick and right now she needs someone she can trust and a cure.


This week’s show was fun, but it was also an eye opener on what Alison’s childhood was like. So I’ll devote this part to the subject of mothers. The relationship between mothers and daughters can sometimes resemble a minefield or they can seem like a big comfy couch. Mrs. S may be a highly trained assassin, but when it comes to Sarah, Kira and Felix, she is there for them. It hasn’t been easy for Mrs. S, and sometimes she’s had to make hard choices like giving up Helena to Castor to save Sarah and Kira.


Mrs. S and Helena had a punch fest going on until Mrs. S hugged Helena. She hugged Helena until the girl’s anger disappeared. That is what a mother does. She hugs you until all your pain goes away. Mrs. S is going to have a very crowed home because Gracie is also living there, but that’s okay because the pregnant Helena is going to need a lot of emotional support.

Alison’s campaign speech was about family. Felix is family because he is always there for her. Donnie might be a loser in Connie’s eyes, but Alison loves him. Where Mrs. S understands Sarah and her sisters’ faults, Connie is condescending and critical of everything that Alison does.

Alison e7

Alison almost risked the election, but she saved her husband from a nose amputation. When Connie hints that Alison should be with Jason, Alison introduces her to Cosima. Connie doesn’t believe in clones. That’s okay. They don’t believe in her, either.

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