Orphan Black S03 E04: Newer Elements of Our Defense


Holy Crazy Cults! On last week’s episode of “Orphan Black,” the Prolethean mom from Hell, came back to claim her daughter. The Castor clones are dropping like flies and, if they’re going to survive, they’ll need the help of the clone club. Is this episode all about sibling loyalty or is it all about nature vs. nurture?


Bonnie is either a rotten shot or Mark is one lucky clone. When Sarah escapes into the corn field, she is surprised to see that Mark’s alive, bad shape, but alive. Mark and Sarah have a chance to compare notes while she digs the bullet from his leg. Unfortunately, Gracie is back at the farm. There is no escaping this freaking cult.


It’s interesting comparing how the clones were raised. Sarah, Cosima, Alison had no idea they were clones, but they were allowed to live a normal lifestyle even while being secretly studied like bugs on a slide. Helena had anything but a normal life. She was trained to kill and her brutal upbringing made her crazy as a mad hatter. But, once she was welcomed into the family, the love and support given to her by her sisters changed Helena for the better. The Castor clones were raised acutely aware of what they were, but they were forbidden outside attachments. They were trained from an early age to be warriors; the military’s version of Spartans. But… best laid plans, blah blah blah, and we have Mark falling in love with Gracie. I could understand why he ran away. The heart wants what the heart wants, but love is not part of the Castor protocol.

Are the other boy clones capable of love? They don’t seem it, but let’s not write them off, yet. Mark, at first, refused to believe Sarah was his sister, but she saved his life. Can Mark overcome his upbringing? It’s that old song and dance we’ve already gone through with the girls; nature vs. nurture, but the boy clones have a defect and Sarah wants to help Mark find the original DNA which leads us back to the Proletheans.



I consider most organized religions to be some form of cult. That said watching Bonnie’s mistreatment of her daughter is what you’d expect from a person who believes their cause gives them permission to kill. Gracie is given no privacy after her capture. Bonnie has the key to her room and can enter at will. When Gracie loses her baby, there is no motherly comfort from Bonnie. Nope, the bitch kicks poor little Gracie out of the group. There will be no Mother’s day wishes for nasty Bonnie. Kristin Booth does one hell of a job making us hate her. Kristin is a very talented and beautiful actress although the sourpuss expression of her Bonnie character and, the dowdy clothing that she wears on “Orphan Black” may throw you off.

The Seestras

While Sarah tries to find the link between Johanssen and Castor, Alison and Donnie are doing their own version of “Breaking Bad.” It seems that Ramone had a boss who he owed money to. I love the new Donnie. His comical attempts at being a drug dealer is matched only by Alison’s eye rolling patience as she guides him through their new life of crime. Alison always comes up smelling like roses and, in this episode the big boss turns out to be an old boyfriend from high school. Jason Kellerman (Justin Chatwin) likes Alison’s dope in a soap method of dealing. Does Donnie have to worry about Jason and Alison?


Cosima is down in the dumps over losing Delphine, but our lovable Felix comes to the rescue with an app to find a new lover. Cosima and Scott are still trying to figure out the code in Duncan’s book.


This show is and will always be about the sisters and, all of them are portrayed so convincingly by one of the most talented young actresses that I’ve ever watched. How does Tatiana Maslany do this magic act each week and not get confused? This talented actress has convinced the fans of the show that each of her characters are separate entities. Ari Millen is good, but he’s no match for Tatiana. She’s had two seasons to perfect her illusion.


Tatiana’s Sarah has forged a loyalty with her sister clones that will never be broken. They can only survive because they truly care for each other. Helena is in a precarious position right now. She is separated from her sisters; she is pregnant; she is with people who mistreat her. I was surprised to learn that she wasn’t even given the decency of bathroom privileges. Helena is forced to use a bucket in her cell. The food is disgusting, but even in her dire condition; Helena, with the help of her magic scorpion, is able to whittle a means of escape using a pork bone and her teeth to make a key. The use of an imaginary friend for Helena is pure genius. I wish I had a talking scorpion to help me.


Dr. Coady is a monster who keeps a male clone, Parsons, as some type of Hannibal experiment. His skull removed, his brain exposed, he begs Helena to kill him. As Helena puts Parsons out of his misery, we learn a bit more about Johanssen’s madness. Johanssen stole the DNA sample from Duncan to create his own clone. Unfortunately the boy died at birth. Sarah digs up baby Abel. Now that she’s found the needed DNA, will Mark protect her from his brother Rudy? It all has to do with nature vs nurture.

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