Orphan Black S03 E01: The Weight of This Combination


The Sestras are back! Yep, I’m talking clones and, we can thank the talented Tatiana Maslany for making us fall in love with this delightful gaggle of genetic copies. She makes it look so easy. When we last saw our clones in the “Orphan Blackseason two finale, they were all in trouble. There is a new enemy. It’s Project Castor Vs. Project Leda; boys against the girl clones? Who wins? Hang on to your genetic code and follow me.


Never trust what you see, especially on a season premiere of “Orphan Black.” A happy Helena is dressed in pink and looking as radiant as possible for the Mad Hatter of the clones. She’s at a clone barbeque and Felix is at the grill cooking up a storm while Alison, Sarah and Kira are making a fuss over the very pregnant Helena. Is it a baby shower? When Cosima shows up in a Ukrainian Folk dress, the gig is up and we know that this is a dream.


What are they doing with our little Mad Hatter? Helena has over the last two seasons worked her way into top runner as my favorite clone, knocking soccer mom Alison to second place. Someone has locked Helena inside a wooden box with a talking scorpion.

The boy clones, Mark, Miller, Rudy and Seth, all played by Ari Millen, are not at all nice. They, unlike the girls, not only grew up together, but they are fully aware of what they are. These clones are not stable and, it’s hard finding anything to like about them. One of the boy clones gives Mrs. S a severe beating when she doesn’t know where Professor Duncan is.


Sarah, Alison and Cosima are worried about Helena’s whereabouts. They’re pretty sure that Castor has her. With Rachael out of commission via pencil to the eye which damaged her brain, Delphine, has temporarily taken over, but there are some drawbacks to the job. She and Cosima can’t be friends with benefits.

We are introduced to a new clone, Krystal, but we’re left in the dark about what her backstory is. Rudy and one of his brother clones were in the process of kidnapping her when they were intercepted. Later, Rudy tells Sarah to count her sisters. This is a threat that Sarah doesn’t take lightly.



Topside is sending Ferdinand, a cleaner, to interrogate Sarah. He’s under the impression that Sarah is being held captive at Dyad. It is always a treat to see James Frain play his usual bad guy role. He’s there to touch base with Rachael about a mysterious project call Helsinki. Our clones do what they do best and it’s time to play ‘Clone Switch’ again. Can Sarah fool Ferdinand into believing that she is Rachael? Can Alison fool him into thinking that she’s Sarah?


While Cosima deals with her fluctuating health problems, Alison is facing some marital turmoil. Donnie, the big loser, has lost his job and his car. Money will be tight, but Alison is planning on running for the School Trustee position. I love Tatiana’s Alison. I know people like her. Suburban princesses; soccer moms, whatever name you give them, these women can be found in vans, driving their kids from one play date to another without chipping a nail. Alison is also very capable of protecting herself so she’s more like a Ninja Soccer Mom.


What is Helsinki and why should our clones be afraid? The clones are in danger. Who do they trust? Was it wise for Cosima to tell her friend Scott about Duncan’s formula or where it’s hidden? Sarah can’t trust Ferdinand, but she should trust Delphine even less. Helena has been in that box a long time and her scorpion friend may not be able to help her out of this mess. Everyone is interested in Kira. This kid has powers. Did she bring Cosima back from the precipice, from death? What is wrong with the Castor clones? Why are they so dangerous and why do they hate the sisters enough to want them dead?


We were introduced to Dr. Coady, played by Kyra Harper, on tonight’s episode. What is the experiment that she is doing on Helena and what will she do with Helena’s baby?

“Orphan Black” is a smartly written science fiction show about a topic that is far from fiction. Is cloning possible? Would the military create an army of biologically engineered soldiers? Do clones have the same rights and legal recourses as humans? This show brings to the forefront important questions that need to be answered and, it shows us what can happen when greedy people play God. See you next week, my little stem cells.

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