Twin Peaks S01 E05: Cooper’s Dreams


Holy llamas on a stick! On episode four, we followed Cooper and Harry Truman as they continue their search for Laura’s killers.  I’m beginning to believe that the outlaws outnumber the good guys. Everyone is a suspect, even that damn Waldo.


Cooper is complaining again to the mysterious Diane. When does he send her these recorded messages? How much does this woman get paid, because whatever she’s getting; it’s not enough. Cooper even has Diane running errands for him that doesn’t involve police work. Get your own ear plugs, Cooper. You’re a big boy, now.

How come I never bump into fun loving people from Iceland when I stay at a hotel? Ben and Jerry may think the Icelanders a rowdy group, but they are my kind of people! How much do you know about the country of Iceland? I found this site that gives you some really interesting information on the people of Iceland and why they’re such a happy bunch.


This show is full of gag lines like when Jerry tells Ben that his Ice Queen gave him a leg of lamb for a gift. But when you want weird, no one delivers like good ole Leland Palmer. His weirdness is even too much for the thieving Horne brothers.

Jail Bait

I love Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn). This girl would have fit in with the crowd I hung with from my high school days in South Philly. Audrey is one smart cookie and she is way ahead of her time. The other girls in the series seem so wishy-washy next to her. She wants to help solve the crime and maybe win Cooper’s undying devotion. She’s hot for the clueless Cooper, but he’s in a pissy mood and doesn’t want to hear about her new job. Audrey is flirting, but Cooper thinks she’s too young. Girls like Audrey were never young. Girls like Audrey were born with the goddess instinct. They know how to tease. I don’t know if anyone picked up on Cooper’s reaction when she tells him that she is eighteen. You have to watch closely, but you can see the lights go off in his head. He’s thinking, old enough. You sense this in his clever reply. “I’ll see you later, Audrey.”


Audrey knows her power over men and she will use it. When the manager of the Horne department store is hesitant to give her the position of sales clerk behind the perfume counter, she uses her trump card. The threat is taken seriously and Audrey gets the position.


Harry, Cooper, Andy and Doc Hayward are at Jacque Renault’s apartment. They now know that the blood on Leo’s shirt is not Laura’s and… hey… wait a minute… did the police bring a box of donuts and coffee with them on this investigation? How much caffeine do these people need to function? Did you know that there are great benefits connected to drinking coffee?


I grew up drinking coffee at a young age. It did not kill me. My grandmother would make her espresso coffee for breakfast. I still remember sitting in her kitchen located in the Italian Market area of 9th and Federal Streets. She would make us breakfast and we would have a cup of coffee with the meal. It smelled so good while it perked on the stove and when she mixed the coffee with steamed milk, it was magic.  On Sunday afternoons, after the family dinner, my grandmother would make her espresso coffee, but the men would add Anisette Liqueur to the cup.


Like Cooper and the officers of Twin Peaks, I love coffee. I make Italian coffee just like my grandmother did, but unlike her family size pot, I have a small espresso coffee pot. It’s the cutest little thing; big enough to make one cup. The brand of coffee is very important. This is what I use.


While a saucepan filled with about a cup of milk is heating up on the stove, I add two teaspoons of coffee into the pot. When it comes to a boil lower the heat, count to five, then remove it from the stove. Pour the coffee into a cup containing the steamed milk and sugar. Damn good coffee, that Espresso and, if you want to be a bit daring, skip the milk and add a little anisette.

Wacky Couple’s Corner

Does true love exist in Twin Peaks? From the broken relationships I’ve been seeing, I doubt it. Bobby and Shelly are planning on killing Leo. Norma visits Ed and tells him Hank is coming home. They are both afraid to break the news to their respective mates. Donna, Maddie and James decide to work together to solve the murder. They need to find Laura’s secret hiding place. Hank is listening in the next booth. Hank wants to earn his way back into Norma’s heart. Where does he start? Norma tells Hank to wash the dishes. Maybe she should have told him to put out the trash, himself included

Dr. Jacoby

The fact that the school recommends this fruit loop to the parents for troubled students makes me wonder if the school itself is in need of major electric shock therapy. Who the hell would take their child to this doctor? Bobby tells Jacoby that his father kills people. In wartime, true, but to Bobby that doesn’t mean a thing. It’s killing. There may be a reason that Bobby is acting out. His arrogant, tough boy, persona is hiding his pain. He wasn’t able to satisfy Laura and she made fun of him. Laura was harboring an awful secret that made her prey on and, degrade the people who loved her. Is this why she wanted to die? Wow! We’re given a side of Laura that we didn’t know about before.

The Cabin

Thanks to the Flesh World magazine, Harry, Hawke, Cooper and Doc Hayward go searching for Renault’s cabin and bump into the Log Lady. I love Log lady (Catherine E. Coulson). She reminds me of a customer who used to shop at our family’s grocery store. This customer carried a doll with her. She thought it was real and would talk to it. She wanted us to talk to the doll. We did, not to hurt her feelings. When you own a business, you see all sides of humanity. I learned to understand people at a very young age because of that store.


Log Lady has no red curtains in her home and, her log does not judge. She serves our merry men with tea and cookies. The owls won’t see them in the cabin. Shut your eyes and you’ll burst into flames. Does anyone in this town talk normal? Hey, maybe Cooper can interrogate the log. Thanks to the log, they find Renault’s cabin and inside is Waldo the Myna bird, music, twine and gambling chips from One Eyed Jacks. Maybe, they should pin a badge on the log and call it a deputy because it’s freaking smarter than Andy.


There’s a party for the business men at the Hotel. Everyone’s there. Audrey is spying from her secret cubby hole and learns that Catherine is pissed off big time with Ben, but maybe for the wrong reason. It’s not the call girls at One-Eyed Jacks that Catherine should be worried about. It’s Josie. I knew there was something fishy about her.


It’s your regular boring business event until Leland starts dancing. He’s dancing by himself and crying. Oh, my God! Where are Abbott and Costello when you need them? Catherine has to save the day. She dances and imitates everything Leland is doing. The freaking Icelanders think that this is part of the dance and join in. The whole room is dancing and wiping their eyes; freaking hilarious.


Things are picking up on this episode. Maddy finds Laura’s tape; Hank beats up Leo; Leo beats up Shelly, and Shelly shoots Leo. But, the best is saved for last. Our little FBI agent comes back to his room to find the door ajar. Inside a naked Audrey is waiting. She’s eighteen, young and hot for Cooper. I’ll put on that pot of coffee. Cooper is going to need it.

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  1. A year ago I watched this entire series (for the first time) and really, really dug it. I love the amount of coffee/pie that is consumed on this show. It’s almost as dangerous/criminal as the murders…

    1. I laughed my head off when they brought the coffee and donuts to a crime scene. I’m new to the show, too and I am loving it. Thank you for your support of Biff Bam Pop

      1. A buddy of mine asked me what TWIN PEAKS was about and I described it as: “A fever dream in which a detective trying solve a murder eats pie and drinks coffee.”

        When you finish the series (be prepared for the infamous Season 2 drop-off) watch the movie and then tell me if I should bother…

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