12 Monkeys S01 E13: Arms of Mine


When last we met or… have we met yet? In time travel, one never knows. In case we did, on last week’s episode of “12 Monkeys,” Cole spends time with his dad and, his younger self. The time machine has been invaded by red English ivy, Jennifer Goines has taken over Markridge and there is a new enemy at the gate. Will Cole and Cassie be able to set things straight on the season finale?


Everything in the season finale is centered on Cole, Cassie, Jones, Jennifer, Ramse and the mysterious Striking Woman. While Cole beats the stuffing out of Aaron, things are going badly for Jones in the future.


Jones is trying to rid the Splinter Core of red ivy. Where the hell are these plants coming from? Is it a malfunction? Is Home Depot having a huge sale on red ivy plants? Jones has no time to use weed-be-gone because Deacon and the ghost soldiers are breaking in.


When Deacon and his buddies released a truck load of crows to interfere with the facility’s cooling system, I really expected to see Alfred Hitchcock make a guest appearance, but he’s dead and this isn’t The Birds. Deacon and the ghost soldiers sneak into the Raritan Facility through the exhaust vents. Why are the ghost soldiers so pale? Where are they from? And, why do they enjoy dicing up anyone who resists them?


The show starts with Cole and Cassie asleep in bed. If there was any cuddling between the sheets, we’ll never know because Cassie is on a mission. She wants to fix things, she wants to track down the Witness and, she wants Aaron to cough up some information. Aaron isn’t talking. He’s a bit over heated at the moment.


Cassie and Cole go to a Markridge presentation by the new CEO. Emily Hampshire is so freaking hilarious in this episode. I love her portrayal of the lovable and wacky doodle, Jennifer Goines. Jennifer starts off sensible before shocking all the stock holders with talks about bringing back the Dodo bird and unicorns. When Jennifer gets sassy, Cassie smacks her down. Cassie is tired of bullshit. Cassie is tired of crazy Jennifer and, her dodo birds.


Ramse who goes by the name Ethan Seki wants to destroy Project Splinter. He wants his son to live. Striking woman has her own agenda. The scientist working on the 2015 version of Project Splinter at Raritan is no other than Elliot (Peter Outerbridge), Katerina’s no good husband. He is also the one responsible for the plant invasion in 2043. Before Ramse can destroy the machine, Cassie and Cole break in. It’s a standoff and everyone is pointing a gun. Cassie has changed so much in the last few episodes. She is one pissed off lady and, to tell the truth, I like the new Cassie.


Deacon and the ghost soldiers are inside the facility. They want the core, but Jones is willing to blow the place to smithereens. It’s a standoff. Ghost solders vs. Katarina.

Conclusion and Spoiler

Would you be willing to let millions of people die just to save one person? This is the question Ramse and Cole ask each other before everyone starts shooting everyone. Ramse only wants to save his son. Cole and Ramse are stuck in a never ending paradox, both fighting for the same thing, but for the wrong reason.

12 Monkeys - Season 1

I was wondering how the writers would end season one. Where would they leave our characters? Who would die? This is a smartly written story and it deals with a hard subject. Is time travel possible? I personally think it is. Time and space are definitely connected. Did you ever wonder about all the flying saucers that have been spotted?  Instead of other worlds, could they be from the future? Albert Einstein and Hermann Minkowski had their own theories about time and space. Our ghost soldiers are from the future. Will we be visiting their world on season two?

Like I said, the writing is good on this series and the acting is superb. Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull make us care what happens to their characters. Kirk Acevedo’s Ramse is a complicated man, but he is not the Witness and, in the end, he remains Cole’s brother. When Cassie is injured in the gunfight, Ramse gives Cole the means to send her into the future with hopes that Jones will save her.

12 Monkeys - Season 1

We are left with many questions and a few cliffhangers. Aaron in his attempt to escape, is trapped in a burning room; his fate unknown. The ghost soldiers have control of the core and Katarina is their prisoner. Striking woman plans to use twelve innocent babies in her scheme to infect the world. How, we’re not sure. We will need to wait until next year to find out. As Jennifer Goines sips her champagne on her private jet, twelve suitcases are being loaded onboard.

As Cole takes Ramse to safety, Cassie arrives in the year 2043. Our lovers are separated once more, and we, the fans will not be able to splinter into the future to see what happens. I hate a paradox! Send in the monkeys.

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  1. Cole changed the future by going back for Ramse. (remember what what’s-her-name said about Ramse being found dead near the splintery device?) … and the Blue Ghost’s – who may or may not be from 2043’s future – are quite shocked when Cassie turns up there. (2043) Another event that wasn’t supposed to happen, from the Blue Ghost’s vantage point in future history.
    A person could get quite cross-eyed keeping up with all this, but what I suspect is happening is that timeline is subtly altering from it’s original course. Is it enough to stop the plague? I don’t think so, but it might be enough to change the original timeline outcome.

    1. Time travel stories have always been exciting to me because of some of the points you’ve brought up. What changes when we interfere and what can’t be changed. I can’t wait to see how far in the future the blue ghost soldiers are from. Thank you for visiting my blog. Keep in touch

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