12 Monkeys S01 E09: Tomorrow


On last week’s episode of “12 Monkeys,” Cole was splintered to the wrong time; hello 2017 and welcome back, pandemic. Colonel Jonathan Foster has a working core and Jones wants to save Cole. It would be interesting to see who wins and who will be betrayed.  Find out more after the jump. 


Imagine having to relive a nightmare over and over. With both time travel or raising headstrong teenagers, nightmares come with the package. Cole (Aaron Stanford) has been accidently splintered two years into the future. Army trucks filled to the brim with dead people pass him on the street. The bodies will most likely be burned. Fire is the only way to curtail a plague, a pandemic. Luckily Cole sees a telecast while in Chechnya. Cassie (Amanda Schull) is asking the immune to find their way to Baltimore. I expected Cole to have a hard time getting from Russia to the states, but people were looking for him. They had an idea where he would be. That tattoo on his arm was proof that he is virus free and allowed inside the safe zone, which is West 7 before Deacon’s take over. He’s whisked away to Baltimore and Cassie.


Unfortunately for the infected, they are locked out and left to die. This is the most frightening part of any pandemic, knowing that you will die even if you don’t yet have the symptoms. The infected will never get past that gate, never get inside the safety zone, and never receive medical care. When the infected succumb, as they know they will, they will be tossed into trucks and taken to a ditch to be burned or buried in a mass grave. Dignity is always the first victim in any disaster.


It was great seeing Emily Hampshire on tonight’s episode. We were left in the dark about Jennifer’s whereabouts a few episodes back, but in 2017, Jennifer Goines is back and still her delightful mad hatter self. Unable to enter into the safe zone, Jennifer is gathering her own army. I really enjoy Emily’s Jennifer. I love crazy mad scientists. They keep you on the edge. Emily Hampshire, who is also featured in “Schitt’s Creek” as Stevie Budd, is returning as a regular for season two of “12 Monkeys.” Thank you Glenn Walker for the head’s up.


Colonel Foster (Xander Berkeley) runs a tight ship. We’ve seen this in the earlier episode. He’s not beyond murdering for his cause. He swears that he’s found a cure. Jones (Barbara Sukowa) swears he’s wrong. She can’t convince Foster that he is working on an older virus. She plans to steal the Spearhead core in order to retrieve Cole. Jones is showing her fangs. Watch out!

Kirk Acevedo’s Ramse, who started out as a minor character and a sidekick to Cole, has been allowed to evolve and, I like it. Acevedo’s Ramse is the voice of conscience, the Jiminy Cricket of “12 Monkeys.” Ramse had more power over Cole than we realized. In the year 2041, when he and Cole were lost, cold and hungry, Ramse wanted to go to Florida, but Jones’ high hopes of saving the future and that tape of Cassie, have made a convert of Ramse. He tells Cole to fulfill his destiny.


Ramse had the larger part in tonight’s episode. Now that he’s found Elena and their son, he will not let them die in the upcoming raid or be erased if the past is changed. Elena swears that Foster has found the cure, but Whitley and his father believe in Jones.

Jones speaks with Foster about the first days of the pandemic when they hid underground, away from the sun and the stars. They talk about the cure, Cole and Shakespeare. Jones talks about her dead daughter, and Foster, his dead wife. Then Jones does the unthinkable.


Cole and Cassie are finally reunited. She knew where he would be. He had told her. All this jumping back and forth in time may confuse us, but not Cassie. Upset that Cole did not find the Red Forest, she gives him an address and a clue before succumbing to the very disease she fought to eradicate.

Conclusion and Spoiler

Cole is shattered. He can’t stop Cassie from dying. No matter what he does, she always dies. Nothing has changed. But, something has changed. Cassie has given Cole an address. He can tell her what he found when they meet again. That is one of the benefits of time travel. You don’t really stay dead.


The virus was not stopped, but was it intentional? Jones’ actions surprised me. She was the villain in tonight’s episode. Foster did find the cure, but Jones was not about to let that little secret out of the bag. She didn’t care about all those people who died at Spearhead, and maybe, she doesn’t care about stopping the virus. Sharp shooting Jones is interested in only one thing.

Ramse will do all in his power to keep Elena and his son alive and that means not changing the past. Cole will do all in his power to stop the virus and that means the past must be changed. Jones will do all in her power to get her daughter back and that means B-e-t-r-a-y-a-l.


The writing and the acting on this show is outstanding and, that’s why I know that I’ll see you next week, my fine splintered friends.


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