12 Monkeys S01 E08: Yesterday


On last week’s episode of “12 Monkeys,” Cole was sent to his death in Chechnya in order to destroy the virus in a series of time travel jumps that left our heads spinning. Was Cole successful and, if not, where is he? Jones, Ramse and Whitley might have to do their own time travel dance for the people at Spearhead if they are going to find Cole.


Jones is praying and that’s scares Ramse.  If Jones is praying, then Cole is in trouble, big trouble. The core for the time machine is unstable; not enough power. The attempt to retrieve Cole is a failure and the splinter goes haywire. Jones is forced to send Whitley and Ramse to Spearhead. Shouldn’t Cole have been erased when the virus was blown to smithereens? Was Jones trying to save him before the missile hit?


Jones and Ramse aren’t the only ones worrying about Cole. Cassie and Aaron are wondering if those missiles really destroyed the virus. When they visit Royce, he tells them that Cole was not among the dead. So where the hell is Cole? Maybe Cassie’s watch is a clue.


Aaron has changed. He’s not upset with Cassie running off to Chechnya. He knows that Cassie needs closure; knows that she has to make sure the virus was destroyed and Cole has been erased. Once she arrives, she gets a taxi driver to take her to the bombing site. She bribes the Russian military to let her through. Will she get there in time to see Cole rescued?

Cole is alive, but badly injured. Two people from the town hear his cries for help. Aza (Nataliya Rodina) tells Cole that her father has gone for help. Aza is coughing.


Spearhead was the place where the powerful went when the virus hit. The President, Vice President, Pentagon heads, you get it, right? Only the powerful have a safe house to hide in when the sh*t hits the fan. Whitley has an insider at Spearhead. His father, Captain Frank Whitley (Rutherford Gray) is in charge of security. Col. Jonathan Foster (Xander Berkeley), when he’s not quoting from the bible, keeps a tight ship. He took over Spearhead by force; went a bit mad when his wife succumbed to the virus.  In fact, lots of people died at Spearhead.


Colonel Foster is on a quest to find a cure. He has a network up and running thanks to the core in his possession and he thinks he has a vaccine. When he learns that Jones has perfected Project Splinter, Foster asks Ramse, “Well then, how are we still having this conversation; now?” Good zinger and, Foster has no intention of parting with his core.

Ramse is surprised to find Elena (Amy Sloan) alive and working as a lab tech at Spearhead. It’s been five years since they’ve seen each other. They were both at West 7 and she thought Ramse was killed by Deacon. Elena has another surprise in store for Ramse; a son. I really enjoyed the writers giving more time to Whitley and Ramse. It’s good to see the spotlight shine on the sidekicks every once in a while.


Jones shows up at Spearhead. She wants Foster’s core and Foster wants her back at Spearhead. He has hopes of finding a cure. Jones and Foster won’t budge an inch; each one thinking the other wrong. Even when Jones hands over wedding photos of Foster and his wife, he doesn’t believe that time travel is the answer.


While Jones and Foster squabble over the core power, Ramse is restarting his relationship with Elena and his son. Jones tells Whitley and Ramse that she will get the power she needs even if it means taking it by force. Foster doesn’t understand that the virus keeps mutating. The cure he thinks he has is for a virus that is already dead. Side note: Viruses do mutate which may explain why all my friends and family who got this year’s flu shot, still got sick. Disease, like time travel, is not an exact science. There are paradoxes even in the world of germs.


Cole is rescued from that collapsed building. Aza tells him that the virus has spread. People are dying. Cassie is at the same spot that Cole is, but she sees no rescue team, no Cole, no nothing. Why? She’s in 2015 Chechnya and Cole was splintered to 2017. Cole knows they’ve lost the battle to stop the virus. Cassie thinks they have won and that Cole has been erased. Now what? We’ll have to wait till next week to find out.

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  1. What am I missing here? Before Cole was almost brought back which is how is supposedly he got to 2017, he was talking to Aza. Then after the splinter, Aza and her father are still up top helping to get Cole out. Where they up there for 2 years? Aza was coughing before the splinter and after. What am I missing?

    1. Hi BBman50, I think what happened was that Jones splintered Cole away just as the missile hit, but he lands in 2017. Aza and her father, and later, the rescuers are there in Cole’s time, 2017. He learns that the virus wasn’t destroyed. That is why Aza is coughing. She’s probably infected. Cassie and Aaron are still back in 2015 trying to find out if Cole survived the blast. She thinks that Cole was erased and the virus is destroyed.

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