12 Monkeys S01 E07: The Keys


On last week’s episode of “12 Monkeys,” the timeline was restored for Cole, but Cassie was forced into her own version of a bad LSD trip. Luckily, Cole and Cassie have a new sidekick; sharp shooting Aaron. Our team has to find the virus before someone sets it free. Are we ready for this weeks’ time travel swing dance?


Cole (Aaron Stanford) is looking ragged around the seams and Cassie (Amanda Schull) is having flashbacks to the Red Forest. From the picture Cole found in the greenhouse they get a lead on a Dr. Edward Garrett a specialist on Middle Eastern antiquities. Luckily for Cole and Cassie, the good doctor will be presenting his artifacts that night at a museum. Cole and Cassie are fabulously dressed for the event. Cole is impressed with the collection at the museum and the food.  Cole tells Cassie that during the outbreak, museums were raided and destroyed; sad, but it’s happening today in war torn countries. Destroying a people’s link to their history is the way of the conqueror. It’s also the way things go during an apocalypse.


Cole is really enjoying himself and it’s so nice to see the cleaned and spruced up version of Cole. He wants to dance, eat, drink and enjoy life, even if for a few precious moments, before speaking to Dr. Garrett about the Army of the 12 Monkeys. But, although Cole is in the mood to slow down, Cassie is in a hurry to find the virus. She pulls Dr. Garrett to the side for some information on Syria and ancient religion of Druze and Chechnya. Aaron thinks the CIA would use the virus to kill Wexler who is hiding in Chechnya. Cole is ready to splinter, but promises to return in a week.


The CIA is out to kill Adam Wexler, the digital terrorist. But, is Wexler a terrorist or a whistle blower who has damaging information about the CIA’s activities? Dr. Peters tells the CIA that M5-10 was obtained in the Himalayas in 1980. It’s that specimen from the Night Room. The decision is made to have the virus delivered to Wexler. The CIA is risking a pandemic just to keep their dirty laundry out of the news. What Cassie and the CIA don’t know is that Cole has already splintered to Chechnya. He’s gotten hold of the metal case holding the virus. He was able to keep it out of the hands of the Army of the 12 Monkeys, but the Russians are chasing him and there is no bleach around.


While Aaron is trying to sneak information from Senator Royce’s computer, Cassie calls him to say that Cole is already in Chechnya and that Operation Troy has already started. Cole tells Cassie that he was already sent back and that Aaron already gave him the information on the location of Operation Troy. What? This already happened in Cole’s timeline, but not in Cassie’s time, yet. I’m having a paradox brain melt.

Cole is captured before he can destroy the virus inside the metal suitcase. While Cole gets to meet Adam Wexler (Ari Millen), Cassie and Aaron get to talk to the head of the CIA Michael Pratt. It might be too late. Wexler opens the case containing money and surprise, he and his men are infected.


Aaron’s in trouble with Senator Royce and, Pratt wants to know everything Cassie knows about Cole. The problem with bio-warfare is that it usually bites the hand that releases it. The CIA thought the virus was released in an isolated area, but there are two Russian helicopters heading towards the compound. Dr. Oliver Peters (Ramon De Ocampo) decides to help Cassie. The compound where Cole and Wexler are located must be bombed; the virus destroyed.

Cole is willing to die to save the world. Is Wexler? Would the CIA risk extinction to swat a fly? What do you think? Wexler decides to believe Cole. There’s gun fire. Cole and Wexler are injured and the Russians killed. Before the missile that the CIA launched hits the compound burning everything including the virus, Cole tells Cassie that in a week he’ll be back. She’s not allowed to tell him that he will die in Chechnya. His death means the world survives.


When Cole returns to 2015 like he said he would, it’s Cassie who wants to take time to talk. She is sending him to his death. She gets him to talk about the Keys in Florida. That’s the place Cole would want to live, if he lived, if, if, if.

If you knew that blowing the whistle on illegal practices could get you in trouble or killed, would you? Snowden told the truth about the NSA and he was treated as a traitor. If you knew that saving the world would cause you to be erased from existence. Would you? Cole did. But, I don’t think he’s been erased. Thankfully, there is a new episode next week. I love this show. The writers are doing their homework, the storyline is great. Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull and Noah Bean were awesome in this episode.

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