Spider-Gwen #1 Spins Her Web On The Wednesday Run

Spider Gwen 1 coverThere isn’t just one comic book company containing (and publishing) a myriad of alternate realities, alternate earths and alternate superhero titles.

No. Marvel Comics has been mining that theoretical science in the form of monthly stories for a long time, too. Now, I’m not generally a fan of superhero comic book tales that fall outside of their more mainstream and well-recognized world, but there are occasions where a different take can really shed some new light on a well-known character.

And as we all know, with great power, comes great responsibility.

So what happens when Gwen Stacy is the one bitten by the radioactive spider?

Follow me after the jump for the rundown on Spider-Gwen #1!

Spider-Gwen #1

Written by: Jason Latour

Illustrated by: Robbi Rodriguez

Published by: Marvel Comics

You only thought that Gwen Stacy, first love of Peter Parker’s life, died at the end of the last Spider-Man film.

That plot thread followed the mainstream Spider-Man comic book. But we’re talking alternate earths and alternate takes on characters. In the world of Spider-Gwen, it was Peter Parker that died – and Gwen Stacy took up the mantle (and the powers of the spider) as the Amazing Spider-Woman!

Last year, Marvel Comics began publishing a storyline that featured various “Spider-Men” from all sorts of media. The “Spider-Verse” series proved popular, specifically the comic book, Edge of Spider-Verse #2, which contained the debut of Gwen Stacy (of Eath-65 for those keeping count) as Spider-Woman.

Now, that Gwen has, pardon the pun, spun off into her own monthly series. Written by Jason Latour and kinetically illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez (a fave artist of FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics), Spider-Gwen will delve into what makes Gwen Stacy a hero, while shedding light on her own rogues gallery.

This will be something that you’ve never seen before!

Make the run to your local comic book sop today and pick up Spider-Gwen #1…and see how Gwen Stacy deals with her own great responsibilities.

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