Galavant – My Cousin Izzy; It’s All in the Executions

On last week’s episodes, Galavant, Princess Isabella, and Sid finally arrived at the castle where King Richard explained to Gal the princess’ betrayal before imprisoning the trio. Queen Madalena removes Gal from prison for an intimate dinner and he realizes she never intended to be rescued and loves only power. Madalena has a scheme of her own to stay queen without the likes of Richard bringing her down. A visit to Xanax the magician restores King Richard’s royal jewels, and he breaks up with his queen, but before he throws her into the dungeon forever, enter Richard’s brother Kingsley. What part does he play in the queen’s plan? Will Galavant find love and save Princess Isabella’s parents?


Galavant began this week with a flashback to the knight’s father (played by Anthony Stewart Head). His father tells Galavant that a true hero shows no feelings. Back to the present, Gal is in the dungeon planning to save everyone and become a hero. While Gal is contemplating his heroic moment, Princess Isabella’s parents tell her that they have summoned her young cousin Prince Harry by way of carrier pigeon and she will marry him after he rescues them.

Meanwhile, evil Kingsley challenges King Richard to a duel. He immediately chooses Gareth as his champion. Galavant volunteers to fight for Richard on the condition that his friends are released when he defeats Gareth.

Just as the duel is about to begin, a pointy-hat army arrives with Prince Harry to save the day. It is here that Gal learns that Isabella is engaged to her cousin. Richard decides to hold a welcome feast for the visiting royal and the duel is postponed.

Back in the dungeon, everyone hears the crowd cheering, and Sid believes that indicates Gal is dead. The jester manages to trick the keys away from a guard. He frees Sid along with the King and Queen of Valencia. The three of them set off in the castle.

Called upon to cook and serve at the feast, the chef and Gwynn concoct their own scheme. Gwynn believes Kingsley will take the throne and have them executed, so she devises a plan to kill all the royals by poisoning them. Since the chef has cared for these people for so long, he is unable to follow through with the plan. He merely adds allergens to the food to make them uncomfortable.

During the feast, Sid, the jester, and the King and Queen of Valencia appear. Sid is relieved that Galavant is alive and throws him a sword. Gal hears his father’s voice tell him to kill the kings and become a hero. A skirmish ensues. Gal realizes his father’s advice was wrong. If he was a hero who didn’t show his feelings, he wouldn’t be Isabella’s kind of hero. Witnessing Gal’s affection for the princess, Prince Harry leaves without his betrothed.


Kingsley and Richard argue over executing the chef. The king decides he will fight his own battle and duel against Kingsley himself. However, Kingsley would prefer to watch the king be killed by his best friend Gareth, who will fight in his stead.

The gang is back in the dungeon when Galavant tells Gareth he wants an audience with the king. Gal intends to bond with Richard over their mutual interest, Madalena. Since they were scorned by the same woman, they do share something in common. While drinking and commiserating, the knight suggests to Richard that they kill Kingsley. As they set their idea into motion, Kingsley appears from a chamber off his bedroom. In their stupor Gal and the king don’t realize Kingsley is not in bed.

King Richard is brought to the dungeon by Gareth on Kingsley’s orders. The next morning Gareth removes both Richard and Galavant, but not before the knight and Isabella share a kiss. In an effort to keep them safe, Gareth sends Richard and Gal on a pirate ship back to Richard’s kingdom.


The guards tell Madalena and Kingsley that Richard and Galavant are gone. Madalena puts the blame on Gareth and commands him to kill the remaining prisoners in the dungeon. Gareth allows all but Sid to escape, keeping him for insurance. Madalena stabs Kingsley in the back and appears to promote Gareth to king as he sits on the throne beside the queen. The prisoners have nowhere to go so they arrive at Prince Harry’s palace.

I didn’t see this ending coming. I expected the loose ends to be tied in a pretty bow, but that didn’t happen. Will Madalena and Gareth rule the kingdom? Will Isabella marry her cousin or will she wait for Galavant? What happens to the knight and King Richard? Too many questions and not enough answers.

Galavant was a musical comedy that enjoyed too short a run. I will miss the intriguing storylines and humor found in each episode. The guest stars were an added bonus and if there is to be no second season, the decision makers need to be thrown in the dungeon.

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