12 Monkeys S01 E02: Mentally Divergent


Cassandra is having man troubles. On last week’s first episode of “12 Monkeys,” we witnessed the time jumping Cole causing all kinds of grief for our young Dr. Railly. Cole and Cassandra need to learn more about the group called 12 Monkeys, but they may have to wait until visiting hours begins at the mental hospital. If you’re ready for some time travel boogie woogie, then follow me.


I’ve decided to review the episodes in space time fashion as not to confuse everyone. Let me know if this works for you because it sure as hell works for me. This episode has Jones listening to Cassandra’s 2017 recording to confirm that Cole is correct about a group called the 12 Monkeys. But, Jones had this recording for some time now. It can’t be the first time she’s hearing the name 12 Monkeys. Did Jones think it was a name of a rock group? While Jones checks an old map that marks the path of the virus, She sends Cole (Aaron Stanford) and Ramse (Kirk Acevedo) to the now abandoned J.D. Peoples Mental Hospital. It’s a dangerous world in 2043. It’s dirty, dangerous and there are people called “Scavs” who want to kill anything that moves. Luckily for Cole and Ramse, they locate the room with the drawing of the 12 Monkeys scratched onto the wall. The patient that drew that symbol is long dead and her file is missing.

12 Monkeys - Season 1

Ramse is sensing that his buddy Cole likes the past a lot better than the future. Who could blame Cole? In the past, the food is fresh, the people healthy and the women, pretty. Cole may have fallen for Cassandra (Amanda Schull), plus Cole is confused. He killed Leland and according to the rules of time travel, that simple act should have erased Cole from existence. It hasn’t. Why? Jones, who is like a walking NSA, knows that Cole is depending too much on Cassandra’s help. She forbids Cole from contacting Cassandra again, something about endangering Cassandra’s timeline. I think it’s too late to worry about that. Don’t you?


Cole heads back to 2015 to locate Jennifer Goines at the mental hospital. Since time travel, like most city bus schedules, is not an exact science, Cole lands in the year 2006 at a North Korean military installation. The North Koreans are not at all pleased with this unwanted guest, and this is years before the film The Interview even comes out. Luckily for Cole, he is splintered to 2015 before he can be interrogated, gangnam style.


Cassandra asks for help from the one man she can trust, her former boyfriend, Aaron. She’s hiding out at her grandparent’s shop and tells Aaron (Noah Bean) that the Markridge Corp was able to abduct her and Cole from police custody. Aaron decides to help her. My question is why didn’t he believe her before? Why now? Something is fishy here.

12 Monkeys - Season 1

When Cole is admitted to the J.D. Peoples Mental Hospital by the police he meets Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire). Cole gets a few warning signs that Jennifer has serious problems: she talks in riddles, she’s obsessed with primary numbers and colors, she hears voices in her head. Yep, she’s schizoid. There is mention that experiments were done on real chimps, but who knows for sure because the girl only talks in riddles and they don’t rhyme.  Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on Jennifer for her incessant babbling. Jennifer had a bad experience with a killer who has a freaky habit and, her doctor is working for the Markridge Corporation.



Pallid Man

Holy “X-Files“! Pallid Man, played brilliantly and frighteningly well by actor Tom Noonan, reminds me of the Smoking man aka CGB Spender (William B. Davis), but instead of cigarettes, we get flower petals. The Pallid Man is the terminator for the 12 Monkeys group and, it was he who caused Jennifer to be locked away. While searching for a mysterious top secret lab called the Night Room, Pallid Man systematically kills all the lab techs and then scatters jasmine and lavender petals on the bodies before framing Jennifer. But, Pallid Man screwed up and one of the scientists got away.


Ever since meeting Cole, Dr. Cassandra Railly’s life has gone steadily downhill. Her career is ruined. The Markridge Corporation is searching for her. And, her friend Jeremy has been killed by the flower tossing Pallid Man. After Aaron tells Cassandra that Cole might be a patient at the J.D. Peoples Mental Hospital, Cassandra heads there to get him released. Cassandra and Cole never get to question Jennifer. She’s been kidnapped by Pallid Man, but Cole gets a new clue from our whistling flower boy. Pallid Man has met Cole before but, Cole doesn’t remember. Is this another paradox within a paradox?



Even though Jones has ordered Cole to stay away from Cassandra, he’s refusing. Cole needs Cassandra’s help and vice-versa if they are to find the 12 Monkeys group. Jones (Barbara Sukowa) is a smart lady and I’m guessing she knows that the best way to stop the plague in her time is to allow Cole a reason to go back to the past. Cassandra is that reason.

I’m really enjoying this show. The acting is good and we’re seeing more of Cole’s world and what life is like in the year 2043. I love shows about time travel, and so far, “12 Monkeys” is doing it right.  See you next week my little space-time-chimps and I hope you enjoyed the time travel boogie woogie.

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  1. I’m enjoying this show much more than I thought I would, and I love that the hospital’s name references the film’s screenwriters.

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