Galavant – Two Balls; Comedy Gold


This week’s episode began with a musical recap of the previous show. During their journey to Valencia, Galavant, Princess Isabella and Gal’s squire Sid stop for a bit in Sid’s hometown. Sid receives a knight’s welcome from the people, and it seems he has spun tales to make them believe he is much more than a squire. The trio meet Sid’s adoptive parents who are proud of their son and throw him a ball. Gal reluctantly plays the part of squire to Sid’s knight, and Isabella tells Sid’s parents that she and their son are engaged.  More after the jump.

Meanwhile, King Richard sees that the Valencia survivors in his charge are not having a good time. When the eunuch is asked what the good people of Valencia did to entertain themselves, he tells the king they used to have balls. Really.

Eager to improve the overall mood of the castle, the king throws an ill-conceived event, but the captives are still not happy. Not until King Richard begins a roast with himself as the target does anyone laugh. The king is in good humor until the eunuch points out the queen’s dalliance with the jester is obvious to everyone but the king. Richard abruptly ends the festivities and orders the eunuch executed.

King with Band

There is an awkward transition at the half way point. Sid, Gal, and Isabella are back on the road to Valencia, but there are unanswered questions. Did Sid ever reveal the truth about his lofty accomplishments? Did they leave with Sid’s parents still believing they would have a princess for a daughter-in-law? Each half hour may be considered its own episode, but the flow of the story stumbled here.

While back on the road to Valencia, the trio are accosted and captured by pirates. They are an odd crew of men who need to retrieve their pirate ship stuck in a hill. Hugh Bonneville of “Downton Abbey” plays the role of the pirate king. The captives and captors strike a deal to work together. The travelers agree to help the pirates free their ship from the hill in exchange for a trip to Valencia on the vessel.

Pirate King

Back at the castle the king is furious with the jester but will spare the fool’s life if he teaches the king to be funny. King Richard believes humor is the way to his queen’s heart, and he is determined to win her favor. The jester does his best with his pupil, but the king is anything but comedy gold. The jester’s conscience gets the best of him so he ends the affair with Queen Madalena, who responds by ordering him to the dungeon.

Speaking of a guilty conscience, on the ship sailing toward Valencia, Princess Isabella tells Galavant that she is working for King Richard and is leading him into a trap, but Gal isn’t listening. What does she expect from a jackass in a can? (This is the description of knights in one of the musical numbers).

Love it or hate it, “Galavant” is halfway over with two weeks remaining. Will Queen Madalena ever be anything other than exasperated with her husband? Will Isabella tell Gal the truth again once she has his attention? Stay tuned.

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