Galavant can best be described as a musical medieval comedy, which will run for four weeks.

The story begins with Galavant and Madalena. They are happy in love until the lady catches King Richard’s eye. He has her kidnapped and plans their marriage. Galavant intends to rescue Madalena, interrupting her wedding to the king. Gal bursts in to save the day, only to be rejected by his one true love. It seems Madalena would prefer an easier life of a royal to that of life with a knight, so she agrees to a union with Richard.  More after the jump.

A year later we find Gal is out of shape and oftentimes drunk. Princess Isabella of Valencia tracks down the once noble knight to enlist his help. An evil king has pillaged her kingdom and killed her people to acquire the jewel of Valencia that his disagreeable queen covets. Gal no longer has interest in the damsel in distress business until he learns the cruel king is none other than his nemesis King Richard. Eager for revenge, Gal agrees to help the princess save all that she loves. What Gal doesn’t know is that Princess Isabella was sent by Richard to lure Gal to his castle. Queen Madalena is still hung up on her old flame and, in an effort to put an end to her constant mentioning of the knight, Richard intends to kill Gal in front of his queen.


There are several cameos to look for in this series. Last night’s episode saw John Stamos as Sir Jean Hamm, who opposes Galavant in a joust. I’m looking forward to future appearances by “Weird Al” Yankovic and Rutger Hauer.

This show was more Robin Hood Men in Tights than a mashup of “Covington Cross” and “Cop Rock.”  It reminds me of A Knight’s Tale, starring the late Heath Ledger, in that the hero overlooks the girl who’s really into him for someone else. I get the feeling Gal should be with the princess and not his lost love. Time will tell. Despite the singing, I am interested enough to see this show to the end to find out.

The songs were both witty and bawdy, but I can see the novelty of the musical aspect wearing off soon. If it ran much longer than four weeks I don’t think I could tolerate it, as I’m not a fan of musicals or theater. Overall, it made for a fun knight of television viewing.


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  1. Just watched the first episode on Hulu last night; like you said, good thing it’s only 4 weeks or the novelty might run thin, but for a short run with only 22 minute episodes, I find my self looking forward to Galavant’s ridiculous adventure! 🙂

    1. Same here. This type of show is an acquired taste, but it was enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the next episode. 🙂

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