31 Days Of Horror 2014 – The Battery (2013)

Confession time. The last few second of The Walking Dead have just not been doing anything for me. I find the show slow and plodding, at least the first part of the fourth seasons, which I’ve slowly been making my way through thanks to the fine folks at Anchor Bay. Here’s the thing – long before the onslaught of zombie films, I loved the genre (like so many horror fans, of course). So while I’m glad that the mainstream has caught up with the rest of us, the show is not delivering what I want, it just seems very same Ole, same old.

Unlike The Battery, a great new film, also distributed by Anchor Bay, written and directed by Jeremy Gardner and staring the director and Adam Cronheim (also a producer on the film).

TheBatteryAlternatePosterGardner and Cronheim are Ben and Mickey, to baseball players on a road trip to literally nowhere as they brave the zombie apocalypse. While Ben is more of a mountain-man type, embracing the lifestyle forced upon them, Mickey refuses to kill zombies. Instead, he seeks refuge from the world by putting on his headphones and,uttering to his portable CD player, wearing through batteries at a rapid clip. There’s a definite tension between the two characters, as they work to survive in a deserted world. Both actors deliver solid work – each actor gets some great, unique moments where they shine (special mention has to go to the scene where Mickey encounters a female zombie – priceless!)

I highly recommend checking out The Battery. Filmed on a  budget of just $6000, director Gardner gets more than enough out of his show string budget. The landscape is gorgeous and the interior are shot with a suitably claustrophobic feel. Both he and Cronheim give excellent performances; the two carry the film on their shoulders and do so remarkably well. There’s very little gore or violence during The Battery – this is a film that’s all about story and acting. And music too! The soundtrack is an exceptional selection of indie rock that always fits the mood. Really, this is legitimately one of the best zombie films I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

As you get ready for The Waking Dead season five, find two hours and escape into The Battery. You won’t be disappointed.

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