Defiance S02 E09: Painted From Memory


Between the Votanis Collective trying to bomb New York, Amanda’s finding her sister Kenya and that afternoon delight scene between Stahma and Datak, last week’s episode of “Defiance” was very interesting. Everyone is happy except Tommy. Get over it, kid! Will Nolan and Tommy fight over Berlin? Are you curious about Irisa and Sukar’s plans for their posse of alien zombies? Me too, but to tell the truth, I’m more interested in Stahma’s reaction when she learns that Kenya is alive. Let’s pretend to be shrill larvae on the wall and listen in, shall we.

Remember Me?

While Nolan and Tommy fight over who likes Berlin the most, and while Irisa and Sukar wait in the hills with their zombie posse, Stahma gets to meet Raider Radio’s very own Treasure Doll and she’s not impressed. When Amanda and Kenya (Mia Kirshner) entered the NeedWant, I thought Stahma would have a cardiac arrest. How could this be? Stahma poisoned Kenya… and yet there she is back in the NeedWant.

Kenya has amnesia and Stahma has a big problem if Kenya’s memory returns. Who can help Stahma with her predicament? Datak may be a male chauvinist, but shovel in hand, he helps Stahma dig up Kenya’s grave. I don’t care how angry Stahma and Datak pretend to be with each other, I think there is still love between the two. What do they find in the grave?


Kenya has retained some of her memories like the time she and Amanda first arrived in the town of Defiance, going to bed with the sexy Nolan, being friends with Stahma, running the NeedWant. It’s not much, but enough to frazzle two other people who are also afraid of Kenya’s memories returning.

While the town celebrates Kenya’s return, Rafe has his own surprise visit from his son, Quentin (Justin Rain). Quentin has found Mama McCawley and she might not be right in the head. What did Rafe mean by claiming he had to let Pilar go to save his kids? Pilar is no other than the Terminator slayer herself, Linda Hamilton. Hope to see more of her in the next episode. I wonder what other secrets Quentin is hiding.

NUP_158000_0598-700x400Dynamic Duo

Yewll (Trenna Keating) and Pottinger (James Murray) have too many secrets. They’re like the Defiance version of Vega and Winnfield and just like our killers from Pulp Fiction, Yewll and Pottinger are not hesitant to kill. So why are they afraid of Kenya regaining her memory? It’s a death sentence for both of them because of their illegal experiments involving Votanis Collective soldiers. The only way to keep Kenya from remembering what happened is to erase her memory permanently and very painful.


Tattoo to You

Nolan still has the hots for Kenya, but not as much as he does for Amanda. When Kenya wants to play, Nolan notices that her scares are missing. Very interesting! When Kenya is asked what she remembers about her abduction, she remembers: being held in a tank of water, rebels breaking in and shooting some humans, one of the humans had a tattoo of a three headed eagle, and the man with the goggles kept her alive for a ransom. Berlin (Anna Hopkins) tells Nolan the tattoos seen by Kenya belong to the E-Rep special-forces, and now that we’re all confused, let’s go to the conclusion section of this recap.

Conclusion and Spoilers

Come on, there’s always a spoiler or two with Defiance and on this episode we had a few doozies. Stahma and Datak find Kenya’s corpse. Then who the hell is that girl calling herself Kenya?  Well unless she’s a stray from ABC’s “Resurrection,” what we’re dealing with is a clone, an Indogene clone that’s been given Amanda’s stolen memories of her sister. Now who would benefit from tricking Amanda? Let me think… but of course, whack job Pottinger with the help of Dr. Yewll. Kenya confronts Yewll and Pottinger.


I know Pottinger has the hots for Amanda, but this goes way beyond stalking. Apparently, Yewll and Pottinger are using the DNA of prisoners to create clone spies. Pottinger wanted to be Amanda’s hero by “finding baby sister” but that plan was spoiled by some rebels including the man in the goggle mask. Speaking of the man in the mask, was that Quentin? Pottinger is a bad shot and Kenya and Yewll escape.

Kenya/clone leaves town hoping to start a new life, while Amanda has a memorial for her sister. I was surprised how quickly Amanda accepted Kenya’s death. Without a body, what proof did Amanda have that Kenya was dead? Although, Stahma did try to drop a few hints in a runabout way.


Stahma held her own quiet memorial over Kenya’s hidden grave. Poor Stahma! She was forced into killing her lover because of Datak’s jealousy. She killed the wrong person and this deed will stay with her forever. Dr. Yewll goes to the only person who will help her, Datak.

I have no idea what Irisa and her gang of misfits are up to, and to tell you the truth, unless this ‘Irzu stuff’ starts to make sense, I don’t care.  See you next week, my little Votans, and keep your eyes open for Yewll. I like her.


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