True Blood S07 E07: May Be the Last Time


As we roll to end of the “True Blood” series, there are many questions. Is Sarah Newlin the cure to Hep-V? Is Lettie Mae really crazy, or us Tara sending her messages from beyond? Is the final stage of Hep-V irrational violence? Will Sookie and Bill die happily ever after? Will Violet eat the step-sibling teen lovers? And when will Mr. Gus’ accent cease to be amusing? Perhaps we’ll find out in my review of “May Be the Last Time,” after the jump.

Bill’s Acceleration

Bill’s Hep-V is moving very fast, which may mean he’ll die or go crazy soon, like the vamps in this season’s first episodes. His violence against the lawyer last episode and Eric’s murder of Sarah’s sister seem to be verification of the latter. Sookie suggests that perhaps it’s her faerie blood that’s doing it. All of Sookie’s miracle talk just made me think of Insane Clown Posse… Seriously, I think the acceleration could be a number of factors however.


Yes, it could be Sookie’s faerie blood, guided by Marvel Comics theory, ‘it’s magic, we don’t have to explain it.’ It might also have to do with Bill drinking Lilith’s blood and being a god for a while. Another possibility is that after Bill’s book was published, he’s made a lot of enemies. Maybe someone dosed him with a mutated super-form of the virus.

New Blood

Upon the discovery that Sarah Newlin is the antidote, Mr. Gus, Eric, and Pam enter into a new agreement. They will find her, synthesize her blood, and market a new beverage – New Blood, which will cure the vampire race. Eric and Pam get to be in in the ground floor, partners if they cooperate in finding Sarah – and Eric becomes their spokesperson. But is it wise to trust the Yakuza?


Had we more than three episodes left, this might be an intriguing subplot, but we don’t. Furthermore I’m not sold on the whole Sarah-is-the-cure thing anyway, and sadly, Eric’s temper killed the only evidence, Sarah’s sister Amber. We’ll just wait and see, I guess. And for the record, as much as I like him, I don’t trust Mr. Gus either…

The Velvet Cage

Soon to be step-siblings, the young lovers Wade and Adilyn have been kidnapped by Violet and put in a sex dungeon. Of course, they’re so horny for each other, they don’t realize what’s happened. They are just so happy to be alone and away from their ‘crazy’ parents, unaware that their captor is the really crazy one.


Adilyn’s telepathy is used to better and more humorous effect here than ever before with Sookie. These two teenagers amongst a dungeon of bizarre sex toys is actually a breath of fresh innocent air that will make the viewer smile. Smile while you can though, they’re still being held by Violet, and it’s almost suppertime.

The Return of Hoyt Fortenberry

Hoyt Fortenberry has returned to Bon Temps. He comes back to Merlotte’s, now Bellefleur’s, with his girlfriend. He’s here because of his Mom’s death, back along with many other characters as a tribute to the past in this final season. Poor Hoyt was being driven crazy by the vampires of Bon Temps, so one of them glamored him to forget all the bad stuff, and most of that bad stuff was Jason and Jessica. And now he’s back.


As luck would have it, Jason has to be the one to tell Hoyt what happened with his mom, and show him the body. Jason, being the moron he is, can’t keep it in his pants and is attracted to Hoyt’s girlfriend. Oh, this is gonna be bad. What is the statute of limitations on a glamoring anyway? One good thing is that Jessica will be busy with Violet at least…

Faerie Princess

Sookie, probably feeling guilty because it’s her fault, seeks help for Bill. She calls Dr. Ludwig, remember her? Ludwig can’t really help him though. She questions Sookie’s far blood theory and inquires as to her bloodline. When she hears Niall’s name, Ludwig bails. The woman who’s not afraid of anything is afraid of Sookie’s fairy grandfather.


Like checking off the next box, Sookie tries Niall next to see if he can save Bill, but gramps is less than helpful. Perhaps she should try the witches, the werewolves, the shapeshifters, or maybe the Insane Clown Posse next? Apparently there’s no hope. Bill and Sookie are back together again, just not the way any of us imagined it.

Poor Haunted Noomi

While Bill and Sookie make love for perhaps the last time, Keith and Arlene are finally getting together, and Lettie Mae and Lafayette continue to dig up the lawn. Sarah Newlin is hiding out in her old church and slowly going insane. Haunted by ghosts of the past, she’s freaking out as the Yakuza arrive to get her. The question is – will Eric and Pam live through it?


Three more episodes left, folks, and it looks like it’s going to be bad…


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