Defiance S02 E07: If You Could See Her Through My Eyes


In last week’s episode of “Defiance,” we briefly got to meet the mysterious Gulanee. Too bad, we didn’t learn more about them. Dealing swiftly with the Castithan version of the Stepford Wives, the lovely Stahma showed us why she rocks. Pottinger and Nolan become BFF’s and thanks to Tommy, Berlin and Nolan get it on. There is trouble in paradise with Defiance’s own Romeo and Juliet. Christie and Alak are fighting. Is it because of her new  adventures with Mercado? And… who pray tell is that dead woman that Rafe and Datak are dragging into the badlands? Put on your new skin and follow me.


It must be a nightmare living in a culture where women can be bought and sold like property. The Castithan males are just as small minded and backward in this asinine practice as certain cultures living here on Earth. We don’t know much about the young Jalina (Kelly McCormack) except that she was purchased when only seven years old. She may have begun her servitude as Alak’s playmate, but she moved up the ladder to becoming Datak’s plaything.


When her body is discovered the next morning, sans eyes, Datak calls for help first from Dr. Yewll and then Rafe. Afraid that he might be blamed for the death, Datak and Rafe carry Jalina’s body into the badlands and leave it for the hellbugs to eat. Will no one shed a tear for this poor unfortunate Castithan female? Stahma may be the Votan version of Lucrezia Borgia, but she cared for the young handmaiden and goes searching for her. She convinces Nolan to search for Jalina. When Datak later confesses that Jalina died while she was with him, Stahma keeps her cool.


I am at a loss as to why Irisa has to cut herself to have a vision. What do the visions mean and what the hell is that appendage that shoots out of her mouth? Her victims don’t die, but we know damn well that they are infected. Her latest vision has her doing a sketch of a male Irathient. Who is he? Her friend Rynn (Kaniehtiio Horn) knows the man in the sketch. When Irisa is introduced to the mysterious stranger, she frightens him with her wild claims that he’s from the Ark. He thinks she’s nuts and runs away.

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That kiss that Irisa planted on Cai has caused them to have a shared vision. This vision is of the past and shows both of them on one of the Ark ships headed to Earth. Why did they sabotage the ship? I don’t know. It’s never explained. Later, while pursuing the person who killed Jalina, Irisa is injured and Nolan sees firsthand how she is able to heal herself.


What the hell is Christie doing? This is supposed to be Rafe’s sensible daughter and yet we have her taking advice from someone named Treasure Doll. Sure, she wants to learn more about her husband’s customs in order to grow closer to him, but to dress as a Castithan and flirt with Mercado, a member of the Earth Republic, is out and out nuts.


Our little snake in the grass, Treasure Doll AKA Deidre (Kristina Pesic), is out to get Alak all for her own and all she had to do is spread lies about Christie. When Alak finds Christie at the club with Mercado (William Atherton), she refuses to leave with him. Stupid girl, she pushed Alak right into the bed with Deidre.

Mercado’s explanation of why he pretends to be Votan was honest and refreshing. He might hate the aliens, but there are things about them that he still admires. When he asks Christie for her real name, her reply was unexpected.

Eye for an Eye

Rynn is kidnapped and Irisa and Nolan go searching for her. Dr. Yewll has a clue and it has to do with Votan Cross Dressers and unwilling organ donors; she tells Datak and Rafe. I love how Dr. Yewll (Trenna Keating) cuts Datak down to size. I think she’s the only female on that show that can get away with it, and I don’t think Datak quite knows how to handle Yewll.


Christie wants to be like Stahma and that is the name she gives to Mercado. Hey, there is nothing wrong with being Stahma, but Alak wants the girl he fell in love with. Speaking of Stahma, when Datak asks his former gang for help in searching for Jalina’s killer, they defer to Stahma. Datak’s expression was priceless. He has been overthrown. His men are no longer loyal to him and they all seem quite happy working for Stahma. Datak does, however, still have the knack for dealing out revenge and he finds the person responsible for Jalina’s death.

Defiance - Season 2

While Mercado sings a ballad to Christie, Alak and Deidre get down and dirty. Nolan, good father that he is, must deal with Irisa’s new power and Amanda proves to Mercado that she has more moral character than he and Pottinger put together.

The women of Defiance have taken control over their own lives, and it’s about time, but at what price? See you next week, my little Votans.


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  1. It was revealed in a previous episode why they took over the Ark ship. It was because it was sent there to terraform Earth when they thought it was uninhabited. Since it was inhabited they took over the ship to prevent humans on Earth from being killed.

    1. You’re right, Carol, it was revealed in episode 6, but this is a race smart enough to travel across the universe, and I find it odd that they didn’t know Earth was already inhabited. It would seem that they’d have the technology to check if there was life on earth. Plus, It seemed strange to sabotage their own people for a race they did not know. I think there is more to the story and I hope we will find out how Irisa is tied to these past events. Thank you so much for your support of Biff Bam Pop and I hope to hear from you again. marie

  2. I thought it was the best episode of the show so far.

    1. Thank you for visiting Biff Bam Pop and yes, Jeremy, it was a great episode and they just keep getting better:)

  3. What was the name of the ballad Mercado sang to Christe?

    1. Angelica, I have a text in to the artist, Bear McCreary, to confirm this but I think the song is Lonely Lights by Bear McCreary sung by Olivia Pucci. Like I said I’m waiting to confirm. Thank you so very much for your support of Biff Bam Pop. It is appreciated.

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