Defiance S02 E05: Putting the Damage On


Defiance can be a pretty dangerous place especially if you’re a woman. Stahma has thrown out the obnoxious Datak with the trash, but will she pay dearly for this defiant stand? Dr. Yewll has to play nice with Pottinger while keeping her loyalty to her friends. Rafe is homeless. Maybe he and Datak can be roomies. Amanda is being spied on, which is not the employee benefits she was counting on when she went to work for Pottinger, and someone is stalking her… who? Meet me at the Need/Want to find out.


Someone is following Amanda (Julie Benz). Is it a stalker, Pottinger, Nolan? We don’t know, but when the stalker breaks into her room she pushes him through the window. Strange thing though, when Nolan investigates the crime scene there is no evidence of an intruder, but he does find all of Amanda’s drug paraphernalia.

Defiance - Season 2

Amanda doesn’t think she has a drug problem. Yeah, right. Maybe it’s that man who attacked her when she lived in New York? Whatever is happening to the new owner of the busiest bordello in town has all her friends worried including our favorite peeping tom, Pottinger, who offers Rafe’s house as a hideout for Amanda. Nolan assigns Irisa and Deputy Tommy, who I’m starting to like less and less, to protect Amanda.

When Amanda hears someone in the house, Irisa and Tommy go to investigate. Unfortunately they gave Amanda a gun.


When Rafe (Graham Greene) was thrown out of his house by Pottinger, I never expected him to go live with Christie at Stahma’s house. Never! But, there he was in his birthday suit preparing for a bath. I guess no one bothered to mention the bathing customs at the Tarr’s home, and Rafe is surprised when Stahma joins him.


Our little vixen is having a ball making Rafe blush three shades of red, but she does set his mind at ease on one thing; she’s the head of the crime family, not Alak. I love when Stahma shows her wicked side.

Rituals and All That jazz

While Dr. Yewll mends the bruised Datak, he reads passages from his Holy Book. Dr. Yewll, bless her heart, tells Datak to forget the book; he screwed up big time. Yes he did and what is he going to do about it?

I really wanted Stahma to beat the stuffing out of Datak with those sorry flowers that he brought her, but no! There is some kind of Castithan ritual where Datak gets visiting rights to the house if he mumbles something resembling an apology while cutting his hand with crystals. Stahma knows that Datak is full of Shtako when he claims to be sorry for trying to kill her and for maiming Alak, but she explains to the shocked Christie, that rituals must be followed.



After Amanda accidently shoots Irisa and Tommy, she disappears. Pottinger and Nolan are arguing over the fact that Pottinger is supplying the drugs to Amanda. When Pottinger sees an old friend, Connor (Gale Harold), he chases after him.

While Pottinger (James Murray) is speaking with his friend, Dr. Yewll (Trenna Keating) gets a visit from an old lover. Liv dropped by to say hello. She’s dying and she’s feeling quite guilty over the experiments that she and Yewll did on the humans. There is just one little problem. Liv is dead and so is Connor. So what the heck is going on with Amanda, Pottinger and Yewll?


Amanda is finally located, but she is having seizures. Nolan keeps his wits and realizes that Amanda has a damaged military implant in her. How did she acquire this? Since Dr. Yewll is too busy with her own hallucinations, Nolan and Irisa are forced to take the implant out. They have no idea what they’re doing. Luckily Yewll returns just in time.


Tonight was a night of surprises. First with Datak begging for forgiveness and Rafe rooming with the Tarrs, and then we had Amanda, Yewll and Pottinger experiencing strange hallucinations. Were you shocked to learn that Pottinger and Yewll were the blame? In order to spy on Amanda, Pottinger had Yewll implant a military device into Amanda’s neck. It was defected. The explanation that Yewll gave to explain how this device caused all three of them to have hallucinations, made absolutely no sense at all.


Guess what didn’t surprise me; Datak and Rafe joining forces. It makes perfect sense for Datak and Rafe to work together against the Earth Republic. Sure they’re enemies, but they hate Pottinger and the E-Reps more. Datak and Rafe are used to being in charge and their latest situation is not only degrading, but it’s keeping them from making money. I can’t wait to see what these two men cook up.

See you next week, my little Votans.

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