Orphan Black S02 E08: Variable and Full of Perturbation


Our little clones may be flexible, but they are also full of agitation. Can you blame them? In Episode 7, Sarah and the Auntie Clones had their hands full with Vic, Leekie and Donnie. Leekie may know artificial wombs, but he didn’t know Rachael. The Queen Bee sided with Bowles after meeting with daddy dear. Vic betrayed Alison, but Sarah and Felix handled him with confetti and sparkles. Cosima is dying and Donnie kills Leekie. Oh yes, he did! If you thought that was a shocker, wait until you meet the newest member to the clone club. Grab your monozygotic twin and follow me.


Holy Tilda Swinton! Is that a boy clone? Say hello to Tony; short for Antoinette. Tony is a transvestite clone with lots of secrets. I love Tatiana Maslany and up to this point, each of her clone identities seemed real; a separate entity. But, Tony took some time adjusting to. I think it was the hair. Art tries to find out who killed Sammy while Tony stays with Felix. Felix is not happy with his new guest. How do you tell someone who is already dealing with identity issues, that there is one more dirty little detail to deal with?


Felix is trying to figure out how to break the news to Tony that she’s a clone, but Tony keeps hitting on Felix. This has to be the strangest situation Felix has ever found himself in with the clones. As Tony takes her weekly hormone injections, she tells Felix that Sammy gave her a message for Beth. Felix thinks it’s time that Tony know the truth about the clone club. He calls Sarah.


Sarah takes Kira to where Mrs. S is hiding Ethan. Knowing how Dyad is dying to get their hands on the kid, I’m surprised that Sarah was willing to drag her daughter right smack in the middle of this mess. Ethan may be the only one able to save Cosima, but that means he has to work for Rachael. I wasn’t sure why Ethan was reading “The Island of Doctor Moreau” to Kira, this H.G. Wells novel also deals with the human interference of nature and it may be a clue to Ethan’s experiments. Does anyone else feel there is something wrong with Ethan? I don’t trust him.


Our little geek clone is sick, and pissed at Delphine. Cosima locks Delphine out of the lab. Can we trust Delphine? She says she loves Cosima and that may be true, but why withhold information? This is why I don’t trust her. I loved when Cosima joins Scott and his friends in a game and kicks their butt.

Delphine is told by Rachael that Leekie had a heart attack while on a flight. Delphine thinks Rachael had Leekie killed. Knowing that Cosima will die without Ethan Duncan’s help, she speaks with Mrs. S and Ethan. They decide that it’s time for Ethan to go to Dyad. Can they save Cosima without using Kira’s bone marrow?

I didn’t understand the purpose of the scene where Cosima and Delphine inhale the helium, and…what was the connection with Polonium except that the element discovered by Marie Curie in 1898 can also be inhaled, but I wouldn’t advise it. Cosima finally tells Scott that she is the case he’s working on. She’s # 324B21. Kudos to Scott for standing by his friend.



She’s cold as ice, but there is a chink in Rachael’s armor. Upset that Paul is missing in action and knowing that Cosima’s life hangs in the balance, Rachael questions Ethan about his synthetic DNA. We learn that Rachael is really interested in Sarah’s ability to have a child. Ethan’s answer hits a nerve.



When Alison finds out that Donnie has been dipping into her secret horde of alcohol and pills, she goes off on him. Can we really blame Donnie? The poor man’s married to a clone and he killed Leekie. It was an accident, but still. When Donnie shows Alison where he hid Leekie’s body, she more interested in the mess he left in the trunk. How can you not laugh when Alison goes ballistic after learning that her husband used her gun to kill Leekie? How dare he touch her gun. I love this show.



When Tony meets Sarah, he realizes that the sexual identity crisis is the least of his/her problems. Even though Tony identifies with a male persona, all the clones were designed to be girls. The big secret message meant for Beth is that Paul is a ghost and to keep the faith. Does that mean that Paul might be one of the good guys? We will soon find out. Felix and Tony finally trust each other enough for Felix to hand over one of the clone phones and Felix didn’t look like he minded the goodbye kiss, either.


Rachael learns that the clones were designed to be barren. Sarah was the failure. This is where we’re allowed to peek inside Rachael’s head. While she calmly serves tea to daddy dear, her thoughts are in a rage. She’s angry. Rachael has everything so why is she angry? She has everything, but she can’t have a child. That is how I’m calling it.

As Cosima has a seizure, Kira takes out the book that Ethan has left her. As Kira flips through the pages of “The Island of Doctor Moreau,” we see that there is more to the story. Ethan has left his formula in a safe place.

See you next week, my little clone club.


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