31 Days Of Horror 2013: Among Friends Writer/Actor Alyssa Lobit On Her Favourite Horror Films

Alyssa LobitIn the latest edition of our 31 Days of Horror, writer/actor Alyssa Lobit (Among Friends, The Things We Carry) drops by to talk about the horror movies that have scared her. During Fan Expo 2013, the Queen and I had the chance to chat with Alyssa and her main squeeze, and I immediately liked her, not just as a writer, but as a person too. Her enthusiasm for film was palpable when we spoke, and it comes across here as well. Take it away, Alyssa. 

Among Friends is my first venture into horror as an actress and writer. To be honest, I get scared very easily! Growing up – and to this day – I watched most horror movies with my hands up to my eyes, peeking through a slit in my fingers. Also, I still NEVER watch horror movies alone. Just can’t do it!

Sometimes, watching a horror film is an emotional release; A roller coaster of being scared to death and living through it (April Fool’s Day is my favorite for this type of “cheap thrill”). Other times, horror films are an opportunity to explore the darker side of the human mind and can sneak in some commentary or make me think about life from a different angle.

My favorite types of horror movies are those that have a strong psychological element. Not to say supernatural stories don’t get me. The Others was a great film, and of course Poltergeist scarred me for a long time, even though I watched it as a teenager. The way those films are shot and scored created so much suspense and the evil in them was so out of this world and uncontrollable.

But my favorite horror film is The Shining. It centers on the breakdown of the human psyche, perception vs. reality, and madness. I guess it’s because I feel this type of horror is most plausible that it scares me so much. Like, this could happen to me! I could lose my mind just like this!! Or, did he lose his mind?? What is reality?! AAAAHHH!!

Another top for me is the Japanese film AUDITION. I had no idea going into that movie what it was about. At a certain point, it took a wicked turn and by the end of the movie, my jaw was on the floor (and my hands were over my eyes). That’s a film where, technically, everything in it could happen on any given day. So, I guess my point is: People scare me more than anything! Ha!

Of course Among Friends is also one of my top horror movies, too! It’s crazy how, even knowing it’s a movie and not real (I made it up in my mind, haha!), it’s hard for me to watch it without getting squeamish and creeped out. Haven’t seen that one alone, either 😉

I need to mention that one of the best things about the horror genre is the FANS. They’re so die-hard and love the genre so much. That kind of passion is inspiring. I’ve received so much support with Among Friends and want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the fans. You guys keep me motivated!! XO!!!

Thanks to Alyssa Lobit for stopping by. You visit her online here, follow her on Twitter, and find her on Facebook!

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