Celebrating 5 Years Of Biff Bam Pop: A Manifesto Of Sorts

BiffBamPop! LogoAugust 25th marked Biff Bam Pop’s five year anniversary. Honestly, it blows my mind that not only have we been around that long, but that we’ve only gotten better as the years have gone by.

When BBP started five years ago, it was a bunch of guys who loved all the stuff we cover here – movies, comics, video games, music. And everything else in between. Friends who wanted to talk about it. We were cheeky and chose alias’. None of them stuck; reason being, about six months into BBP’s existence, something changed. I certainly did, as I wound up holding the reigns of the site. I began taking what we were doing more seriously, and the folks that stayed along for the ride did as well. Out content got better. We built a name that soon began to mean something. I’m happy to say it still does, as our profile continues to rise.

Are there bigger sites out there? Yes, 100%. But put our people, our writers against most of them and I daresay, we’re as good, if not better, than many of the newz or pop culture sites out there. Our writers have personalities, and this is a place where they can be who they are as creative types. They write and conduct themselves as professionals, not fan boys or girls who think the media machine owes them something. No, we owe you guys, the people reading our work, something – we owe you fun content that you’ll get a kick out of. That’s our job – to entertain you. Not to complain about a bad movie or how we wouldn’t have cast Ben Affleck as Batman because we know better (though, safe to say, we wouldn’t have and we probably do).

If there’s anything I’m most proud of about Biff Bam Pop, it’s that it’s a place of positivity on the web, rather than negative vibes or energy. There are plenty of sites that will complain, chew out and vehemently critique the world we cover. They’ll come down on Marvel or DC editorial decisions, without having a clue about what goes into managing a business. They’ll gleefully hate on a film, as if that’s criticism. Does that mean we’re not critical – I don’t think so (check out my  review of Rapture Palooza or Glenn Walker’s look at the recent Marvel event comics to show that we will embrace and let loose when we’re let down by something we want to love). But the mandate here is write about stuff we love and that we think you’ll enjoy as well; it’s not to slam that which we dislike. Here’s a little secret – if I get sent a movie and I don’t like it, I don’t watch it. I turn it off and watch something else. Life’s too short to waste on watching something you don’t like; same goes for writing about it.

There’s enough negativity in the world and on the web – I hope you won’t find any here. Thanks for continuing to read all of our work. To paraphrase Dirk Diggler, we promise to keep rocking if you promise to keep rocking!


Andy Burns
Biff Bam Pop!

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