Orphan Black, Episode 10: Endless Forms Most Beautiful

ep 10 orphan black sarahMy head is still spinning! Sarah and Helena are twin clones and their birth mother is a South African woman named Amelia; Kira has super-duper regeneration powers; Cosima broke up with Delphine; Alison doesn’t do interventions and Felix rocks! Will Sarah release Helena from the trunk of her car and introduce her to Mom? Join me after the jump to see what other trouble Sarah and her many selves can get into.

Amelia ep 10 Orphan BlackGetting to Know You

While Mama Amelia (Melonie Nicholls-King) is introducing herself to Helena, who is now tied up in the basement, Mrs. S is rooting through her suitcase. Is Amelia who she says she it? Is Mrs. S? Before we find out, the police break in and arrest Sarah; Helena escapes.

Dr. Leekie is visiting all the clones and leaving them a contract to sign; they better read the small print. Dr. Leekie’s lawyer gives Sarah and Felix a “Get out of jail free” card. Sarah is later introduced to Rachael Duncan. Is she the original, the proclone? Rachael and Leekie are pushing the clones to sign the contracts; what’s in the contract and what will the clones be risking by signing them?

mystery woman ep 10 Orphan BlackWho Do You Trust?

Alison is promised a return to her normal “Soccer Mom” lifestyle. Sarah is guaranteed  Kira’s safety. Cosima is promised her genetic sequence information. All they have to do is sign that contract, but Delphine warns Cosima not to trust Dr. Leekie. Cosima and Delphine work together to crack the molecular code of all the clones, but when they do; it’s a shocker. Mama Amelia has information on Mrs. S, but before she gets to tell Sarah, Helena goes “Mad Hatter” on her. Mrs. S knows more than she’s letting on. I love the mystery behind Mrs. S; is she friend or foe? Alison confronts her neighbor; there’s a slight mishap with the garbage disposal. I doubt the warranty will cover this mess. Thinking she’s free of her monitor, Alison signs the contract; bad move, Alison.

Sarah, Alison and Cosima know that they’re clones; know that they’re test subjects, but with the introduction of Rachael Duncan, they have a bigger threat to worry about. Alison, who usually acts like the Terminator when threatened, surprised me by having a melt-down; so out of character. Cosima, although afraid, put her fear to work and solved a piece of the puzzle. Sarah, the rebel of the group, took desperate measures to protect herself and Kira, including murder. Each clone reacted to danger in the way they were raised; or did they? Because they know what they are, does this determine their actions?

Conclusionep 10 orphan black

When I first began to watch Orphan Black, I wasn’t so sure if I would stick with the show. Sometimes, the plot was confusing and sometimes, it just didn’t ring true, but I stuck with the show and became a big fan. The season finale had a lot going on. The clones are beginning to connect the dots. Cosima and Delphine have discovered a big secret and maybe the reason behind their cloning. Someone has patented their cells.

Can Corporations claim ownership over your genetic code? Can your cells become the property of others? If you say no, then you’re in for a surprise. This very case is in front of the Supreme Court, now. How will the judges decide the case? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anyone laying claim to my genetic code. I can see the Pandora’s Box starting to open, and we may never be able to slam it shut. The science behind the show is right on target and shows us the scary pros and cons of cloning. I’m going to miss the show while it’s on hiatus and I can’t wait to find out who took Kira.

Helena ep 7Spoiler Alert

Tatiana Maslany, is a talented actress, and I’m really enjoying her ability to play so many characters. She slides from one clone’s personality and mannerism into another’s so seamlessly, that you forget there is only one person doing all the parts. Unfortunately, one of my favorite clones is dead. Rest in peace, Helena!

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