Hot News: Evan Peters Joins Days Of Future Past As….

This is a bit of a surprise. Director Bryan Singer just announced via Twitter that Evan Peters, he of American Horror Story fame,  had joined the cast of X-Men: Days Of Future Past as…


Makes sense, as Quicksilver is, in the comic book world, the son of Magneto.

However, Joss Whedon has confirmed that the character will also be a big part of Marvel’s The Avengers 2.

So, a double dose of Pietro Maxmioff. How will that work? As it stands, Fox can use the character, but can’t reference the Avengers. Alternately, Marvel can use the character but can’t use his mutant background or any refer to Magneto.

Unexpected? Totally. Confusing? A little. Complicated? A bit. Cool? I’d say.

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