Orphan Black, Episode 8: Entangled Bank

orphan black ep 8Last week, we peeked into the future of genetic manipulation. When Felix and Sarah/Beth visit Club Neolution, or what I like to call Club Clones; they witness first hand, the extremes of body altering; Olivier has a tail, Astra, weird eyes. The girls might very well be part of an experiment that seeks to improve on nature. Dr. Leekie believes that technology can improve the human condition, but what makes him the expert? What is the ultimate reason for altering a human; designer babies or enslaved workforce? Our clones don’t know who to trust; can we blame them? Meet me after the jump.

orphan black ep 8 AlisonTrust No One

Our clones are upset. They don’t know who to trust and begin to argue among themselves. Detectives Art and Deangelis are looking for a twin; Beth’s or Sarah’s? Paul and Sarah are hiding at Felix’s apartment and when Cosima calls, she’s told that she got the science wrong! Alison is suspicious of everyone. She’s divorcing Donnie and she thinks neighbor Aynesley Norris is a bit too snoopy. Helena has found a letter and pictures of Kira.

Duval's tail ep 7He Had a What?

Mr. Olivier Duval is in the hospital; diagnosis; loss of tail=loss of blood. Believe me when I tell you that a lot of weird stuff shows up on the doorsteps of emergency rooms. I know; I worked at a hospital; I’ve seen it all. Mr. Duval’s tail would be the least bizarre as this does happen in nature. Paul comes to visit Duval and tells him that he knows his true identity. Mr. Duval is a slime ball wanted by the police. Dr. Leekie drops in and realizes that Duval has talked and Paul knows about the clones; about everything.

orphan black ep 8 whoSwap

Delphine is upset when Cosima makes a pass at her, but Dr. Leekie, mad scientist extraordinaire, orders Delphine to play nice with Cosima. She does; they land in bed. When Cosima runs out for ice cream, Delphine goes through Cosima’s papers and finds all the passports, names, and pictures of the clones; she gives the list to Dr. Leekie. Well, she gives most of the list to the doctor. She leaves one name out.

Alison has a few words with Aynesley when she finds the neighbor in her house and going through her mail. She takes back her house key, but Aynesley is still interfering at the skating rink. A very angry Alison not only shares some weed with Aynesley’s husband but also has sex with him in the car, and everyone sees them. Later, when a drunk and stoned Alison is driving home, she’s accosted by an irate Aynesley; Alison goes Terminator on her neighbor.

Helena &Kira ep 8Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up!

No, Eminem is not in this show, but I like the song and boy does it fit. Art and Deangelis are still working the angle of identical twins or triplets. Felix tells them that Sarah had no siblings and Mrs. S has no clue as to what they’re talking about, but Art is not giving up. The police have identical fingerprints so there has to be an identical twin somewhere, right? Wrong! Fact is that although the prints may look similar; identical twins do not have identical fingerprints. But Art is smart and he’s getting closer to the truth.

Alison and Sarah decide to go public with their plight and go visit Mrs. S. While they explain Cloning 101 to Mrs. S; Helena shows up at the door sees Kira.

Conclusion and Big Spoiler Alert

Helena takes Kira, but has a change of heart and lets the girl go. When Kira runs into the street towards her mom, she’s hit by a car; Sarah and Helena are devastated. On the other end of town, Dr. Leekie is eliminating witnesses and Duval is the first to go. At Club Neolution, we saw some bizarre forms of body altering. Do people really do this to their bodies? Yes they do, and this site has graphic pictures featuring some of the forms of body altering.

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