Orphan Black, Episode 6: Variations Under Domestication

945004_508906252478238_1174480072_nMonitors, monitors all over the place. We know of two, and a possible third, but who hired them and better yet what’s the scoop on Mr. Olivier Duval? Last week on “Conditions of Existence,” the clones took a more aggressive approach on investigating who’s behind their creation. Speaking of aggressive, I love the way Alison thinks. Someone confronts her on the street; take him down. Husband acting suspicious; buy some spyware. Will Alison learn the dirt on her husband with her Nanny Cam? Let’s hope so! Meet me after the jump.

Don’t Mess with Clones

Episode six was like a Keystone Cops movie. Alison is paranoid after checking her Nanny Cam. Her husband is seen sneaking out of the bedroom. Where is he sneaking off to?  She questions Donnie; he lies; she knocks him out with a golf club. Alison is so cool. I love this clone. She’s like the Terminator. As Alison drags her unconscious husband to the laundry room she drops him down a flight of stairs. After she ties him up, she tortures him for the truth, and her weapon of choice; a hot glue gun. This takes scrapbooking to a new level.

Orphan_Black_S01E06Party Animals

Unfortunately for Alison, she forgot the big neighborhood potluck lunch was at her house and is surprised when all her neighbors stream in with food, snacks and drinks. Alison calls for help, but it’s not for Alice from the Brady Bunch; she calls Sarah. Sarah/Beth, who has been arguing with Paul, pretends she’s taking a shower and escapes. When Sarah arrives at Alison’s house, she interrogates Donnie, who’s tied up like a Christmas goose, while Alison entertains the neighbors.


The French co-worker, Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) is following Cosima. I think Cosima is on to her, but she plays along and goes with Delphine to a lecture where Dr. Aldous Leekie (Matt Frewer) a pop scientist talks about Neolution and self-directed evolution. Is this the man behind the cloning? From the conversation that he has with Cosima, he could very well be.

vic-orphan-blackParty Crashers

When Alison gets drunk, Sarah/Beth has to switch places with her to fool the party guests who are very obnoxious and nosy. Overwhelmed with said party guests and worried about Donnie, who’s tied up in the laundry room, Sarah/Beth calls Felix for help. Felix gets to play bartender, but there is one little problem. Vic has followed Felix to Alison’s house and is looking for Sarah. Meanwhile, Paul is speaking with the mysterious Mr. Duval. Will Paul rat out Sarah? Paul has Sarah/Beth’s car bugged and follows her to Alison’s house. This is the keystone cop part; are you ready? Vic finds Felix, Paul finds Alison, Sarah/Beth finds Vic, Paul finds Donnie. Vic threatens Sarah; Paul threatens Vic; Alison’s best friend and neighbor is completely confused. But all is well in the suburbs; and the party is a big success.


What did we learn in episode six? No one is who they seem to be, but we are learning a bit more about our clones and their monitors. I love Felix and enjoy every scene he’s in, and I’m so happy that Matt Frewer (who will always be Max Headroom to me) is on the show.

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