Orphan Black, Episode 5: Conditions of Existence

Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 5Last week’s show, External Conditions, left me quite confused and disappointed. Why? Whoever wrote this episode pushed the limit of believability, but not in a good way. But, you argue, it’s only a science fiction show? Yes, but I want my science fiction shows to ring true and the plots to follow a logical path. What didn’t I like about episode 4? Find out after the jump.


OPHAN BLACK EPISODE 106 DAY 7My first complaint is that Cosima, who’s supposedly a scientist, still has no clue on who’s behind the cloning? The information is out there, and if I knew that I was a clone, I would do everything in my power to find out who did this to me?

My second complaint has to do with Helena. There is no way in hell that she would have casually strolled into a police station and rifled through a cop’s desk. I don’t care if they’re identical, how did crazy clone know where Sarah/Beth’s desk was located? Don’t you think Sarah/Beth’s co-workers would be somewhat suspicious? Now that I’m done my ranting, please join me as I review this week’s episode, Conditions of Existence


Okay, my ranting worked and this week’s episode was much better. The clones are being monitored, but by who? Helena is taken to a dingy building, where her wounds are taken care of by a stranger. After Sarah/Beth and Paul have a romantic rendezvous in the shower, Sarah/Beth has troubling dreams about doctors. “Holy Medical Malpractice,” I’ve heard of doctors making house calls, but this is going way past bedside manners. When Sarah/Beth finds an electrode stuck in her mouth and a bruise on her arm, she tells Cosima and Alison. Sarah/Beth gets even more suspicious when Paul wants her to run away with him to Rio.

Spy Girls

Cosima tells Alison and Sarah/Beth that someone is keeping tabs on the clones and maybe it’s the very people they trust. The clones need to find out who is spying on them. Alison finds her husband’s X-rated movies and a locked metal box, but hubby won’t tell her what’s inside, so what does soccer mom do? She drives over to a store called Spy Guys (I kid you not) and buys a nanny cam to spy on hubby. Unfortunately Vic sees Alison leaving the spy shop and confronts her. Alison is now my favorite clone; she knows how to kick butt.

While Sarah/Beth has Felix keeping tabs on Paul, Paul is following Beth and learns about Kira. Meanwhile Cosima is doing tests on the blood found in Katja’s briefcase. What will the results reveal? Who knows, but one of Cosima’s co-workers is acting suspicious.

44828_505565509478979_1613427028_nThe Monitors

Who are the monitors and do they even realize that the women they’re spying on are clones? And who is the mystery man that Paul meets with? All we know is that Olivier Duval (David Richmond-Pike) is a little bit too curious as to how Paul and Beth are doing. Paul and Sarah/Beth have a showdown, Sarah and Vic have a showdown, Alison and hubby have a showdown and husband is seen late at night destroying evidence. What happened? I’m not telling and to find out, you must watch the show.


Okay, episode 5 was a big improvement over episode 4, but the show can still be confusing. Sometimes, I can’t make out what the characters are saying; my bad, I guess it’s my old granny ears, but thank you to one of Biff Bam Pop’s readers, Abi, for cluing me in on the mad hatter clone’s correct name. I’m giving the show a little more time, with hopes that each episode will improve, before I entirely give up on it.

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