Marie Gilbert Reviews Defiance

Defiance_Syfy_GermanyThankfully I have a new show to keep me entertained while “Being Human” is on hiatus. Defiance is a science fiction series that was developed by Rockne S. O’Bannon, Kevin Murphy, and Michael Taylor, who are also the executive producers, along with Nathan Richardsson.

The show is shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is produced by Universal Cable Productions in collaboration with Trion Worlds who produced the video game which will be tied in to the series. The action starts in the year 2046, on an apocalyptic Earth with aliens and humans trying to live together under barbaric conditions. How barbaric? Meet me after the jump.

Defiance Syfy spaceshipsPlot

In the year, 2013, the Votans, a collection of different species of aliens decide to move to Earth after their star system was destroyed. Supposedly the Votans didn’t know that Earth was inhabited and they had plans to do some major terraforming to make Earth more to their liking. There was just one little glitch to that plan; Earth did not have a “For Sale” sign on it and the humans were not moving. Tensions were high and while some Votans were allowed to drop down from their big Arks (spaceships) the majority of aliens were put on ice (hibernation) until negotiations could solve the problem, but like in real life (think Middle East) peace talks dragged on and on, until war broke out.

The Pale War

A Voltan Ambassador was assassinated and some of the Arks were blown up killing many hibernating aliens and causing big chunks of Arks to fall to earth. Good for the humans, right? Wrong, the technology for terraforming was accidently released and it created some dangerous conditions on Earth, climate change, the mutation and hybridization of plants and animals. Earth was a disaster; there goes the neighborhood! The war went on until both sides were close to extinction and with the help of the Defiant Few (alien and human soldiers working together) a strained peace was obtained.

The Votans

There are seven different aliens on this show. Do you have your score card ready? Castithans, very pale, yellow eyes, aristocratic with caste system, Indogene, bright white skin, scales, hairless, hexagonal shaped irises, technologically advanced, Irathient, affinity for nature, bronze skin with patterns of white marks, aggressive and tribal, Liberata, broad shoulder, thick necked, block heads, used as servants, Sensoth, larger than humans, resemble humanoid orangutan, long life span, Gulanee, an energy based race, wear special suits and will die without the suit, Volge, a race of automatons, 8ft tall, covered in dense armor, hostile to humans and Votans alike.

defiance-cast-syfyThe Town

Joshua Nolan (Grant Bowler), former member of the famous Defiant Few and his adopted alien daughter, Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) an Irathient collect the debris that falls to Earth from the destroyed Arks. They hope to raise enough money to go live in sunny Antarctica. Yes, because of the alien technology, Antarctica is now a tropical rainforest. Nolan and Irisa run into trouble, get injured and are saved from mutant ratbugs (I swear that’s what they looked like) by a Law Keeper from the town of Defiance (Formally known as St. Louis). The town is protected by a laser grid. Did I lose you yet? Not yet? Better buckle up for the next part.

Doc Yewell (Trenna Keating) an Indogene heals Nolan and Irisa. The new mayor, Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz) wants Nolan to leave town as soon as possible, but he needs to find work and makes some money fighting a Bioman (think Data with an off button). Nolan also makes nice with the owner of a bar, Kenya (Mia Kirshner) who just happens to be the mayor’s sister. There is a murder and the Law Keeper is killed trying to break up a fight between Alak Tarr (Jesse Rath), son of Datak (Tony Curran) and Stahma Tarr (Jaime Murray) and Raf McCawley (Graham Greene) whose son was murdered. The Tarrs and McCawley are enemies. What none of the parents know is that Alak and Christie McCawley (Nicole Munoz) are in love.


I told you to buckle up. Nolan is hired as a tracker to find the real murderer and learns that the murder is part of a plot to destroy the laser fencing that protects the town. The fence is destroyed and the town of Defiance must prepare to fight an unstoppable army, the Volge.


I liked the show, it’s a little bit western, “Romeo and Juliet,” “Star Trek,” and “Firefly.” It has enough storylines going to keep it interesting.  And… if that wasn’t enough; it comes with an interactive game. I haven’t played it yet, but my older grandson, Jimmy, has the Xbox version and he’s going to show me what it’s all about, that’s if he lets me have the controls.

Defiance airs Monday nights at 10 on Showcase.

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