Orphan Black, Episode 3: Variation Under Nature

482733_498547280180802_1157058144_nLast episode, we watched as Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) critiqued her funeral from afar, witnessed a second look-a-like’s death, testified at a hearing for an unlawful shooting death that she was involved in, finds a briefcase that might hold the answer to what the heck is going on, and meets two more look-a-likes. Are they siblings who have been separated since birth? Not unless their mom is the Octomom, which she isn’t.  Want to know more? Meet me after the jump.

OrphanBlack-Blog-1-1024x576There Are How Many?

While at Alison’s house, Cosima tells Sarah/Beth that, no they are not twins or triplets or quadruplets, but clones and they don’t know why they were created, or who the original donor is, or even who is killing them. What they do know is that copies of them are all over the world and they are part of an experiment. Felix (Jordon Gavaris) gets tired of waiting for Sarah and sneaks into Alison’s yard. Alison pulls a gun on him and Sarah decks Alison. Back at home, Felix is freaking out over the fact that his “sister” is a clone. Sarah plans to get the money back from Art in order for her to escape with Felix and Kira, but when she arrives at the police station, she’s reinstated on the job, given back her badge and gun and is sent out to investigate a murder scene. The body is the one that Sarah/Beth buried.

OB103_SarahGunHow Do You Shoot This?

Sarah/Beth can’t strap on her gun or load it correctly, but when she messes up calling in her location on the way to the crime scene, Art gets suspicious; duh, you think? Tells her she has to do some training on the rifle range. Just don’t stand in front of her, Art!

Sarah/Beth panics and calls Cosima for help. Cosima is a scientist and tries to explain the wonderful wacky world of cloning to Sarah/Beth. And it appears that Alison is not only rich, but good with a gun and in one afternoon, she teaches Sarah/Beth how to shoot straight. Sarah learns who the money really belongs to; it’s Alison’s emergency fund. When Sarah Beth goes to the rifle range the next day with Art, she does well enough to calm down his uneasiness.

Mysterious Callers and Barbie Heads

Someone calls the police station about the murdered woman and leaves a coded message hinting about the clones. Art and another officer go back to the crime scene and find motorcycle tracks and a Barbie doll head. If you remember last week’s story, the head belongs to the doll in the German clone’s hotel room. Sarah/Beth and Art go looking for the biker, but after they enter the biker’s home, someone shoots at them, and Art is injured.

13-orphanThe Biker Dude?

Sarah goes after the biker, but since she has no idea what she’s doing, she’s attacked. The biker who is intent on killing Beth is not only a girl, but also another clone; this one is blonde, mean and covered in scars. Sarah/Beth stabs the girl in self-defense, but the clone escapes. I don’t know about you but I need a score card to keep the clones straight.


Art gives Sarah/Beth her money and now Sarah/Beth has to make a choice. Take the money and run or give it back to its rightful owner. What does she decide? Watch the show. I love stories about cloning and the legal and ethical concerns of cloning, especially if the clones are used for the sole purpose of organ donors and I think this may be where the show is going.

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