Now Hear This: For The Love of the Rolling Stones

Sometimes I love the Rolling Stones so much, that when I listen to them, I feel like I might explode.

They’re one of those enigmatic artists, whose songs transcend decades, movements and generations. I mean, Beggars Banquet came out when my mother was 5, and yet, it’s one of my favourite albums. It’s probably one of yours too, you just may not realize it yet.

Despite this love, I don’t go running to my local record store when I hear that the Stones have a new album coming out. I know that this is not exclusive to me or to the Rolling Stones. When I saw Paul McCartney in concert back in 2002, just about everyone took Sir Paul’s set of new material as the perfect opportunity to hit the washrooms and get a snack. Also, the Rolling Stones haven’t had a proper hit in 20 years.

That said, isn’t it awesome when your all-time favourites go into the studio for the first time in 7 years to record some new material, and then release it along with 49 of your old favourites?!

November 13th marks the North American release of Grrr! a 50-track greatest hits collection from the Rolling Stones. The lead single is ‘new song’ “Doom & Gloom,” and it’s actually quite good. A dirty, bluesy, rock n roll track, this song reminds us of what the Stones do when they’re at their best. Jagger’s voice isn’t all it used to be, but this song really has all the elements of a classic Stones track – even though it probably won’t go down in history as a classic Stones track.

Give’r a listen!

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  1. I’ll admit that I haven’t paid much attention to “new” Stones’ material, but this track is really damn good. It’s got that drive and swagger of their classics – and Jagger’s voice is surprisingly strong after all these years. It has aged better than say, Robert Plant.

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