Been There, Seen That – 666 Park Avenue Reviewed

If you’re looking for a new network television show to give you a few scares, you’re only real option is 666 Park Avenue, which stars Terry O’Quinn, Vanessa L. Williams, Henry Martin and Rachael Taylor and debuted last night on ABC and CityTV in Canada.

Sadly, while it has some moody moments, the premiere episode only really succeeded in recalling other and better horror offerings.

Find out which ones after the jump!

In 666 Park Avenue, O’Quinn and Williams star as Gavin and Olivia Doran, the owners of landmark apartment The Drake, located at 999 Park Avenue in New York City. The duo hire couple Jane (Taylor) and Henry (Annable) to manage the building, which is full of eclectic inhabitants. Soon we realize that there’s obviously more to the Doran’s and The Drake than anyone knows about.

It’s the Devil’s apartment!

At least, that’s what I kept expecting someone to shout out at some point. Intentional or not, 666 Park Avenue can’t help recalling Rosemary’s Baby simply because of its Satanic setting (not to mention its New York locale). The problem is, the show just can’t measure up to one of the greatest films of all time. Not yet, anyway. It’s network television, after all.

Therein lies another issue 666 Park Avenue is facing. It’s completely limited in dishing out any real visual horror, even if it is on at 10pm. So how will it be able to compete with American Horror Story’s second season when it debuts in a few weeks? It simply won’t.

Sadly, 666 Park Avenue already seems to be heading in a fairly predictable direction. The temptation of the innocent new arrivals; the secrets revealed about what lays behind its historical exterior and interior; where the missing door in the basement leads to. While all the actors do their best with what they’ve got, if you’re a fan of genre series, there’s little doubt that 666 Park Avenue will leave you with a feeling of been there, seen that, and seen it done better.

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  1. I can definitely see where you’re coming from. 666 Park Avenue almost feels like it has taken parts of multiple horror stories and tried to blend them all together, and I’m not sure if it works yet. That might just be me, since my coworkers at DISH seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, but it definitely has the ingredients to be very dramatic and scary. Thankfully, I don’t have to commit to it just yet, since my Hopper records it automatically with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. We will see after a few episodes if it can actually be its own show, and if it can be an actual horror show.

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