Mat Langford’s Gaming World: Fieldrunners 2

I’m admittedly a little late to the party on this one, but if you haven’t tried Fieldrunners 2 for the iOS, you don’t know what you’re missing!

For fans of tower defense games, FR2 will make you feel right at home. Instead of defending a specific point, however, you’re simply trying to stop the “fieldrunners” from getting across your screen. This is pretty simple in the opening levels, as they enter the screen from one point, and are relatively weak – allowing you to dispatch them with ease. Once you progress however, you’ll find a multitude of different units including airships, zeppelins, tanks and more coming across your screen, with varying levels of armor and speed. It gets hard…really hard.

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Make a maze! The more they have to run, the more damage they take!
Make a maze! The more they have to run, the more damage they take!

The idea of FR2 is to take that straight line that the enemies initially have and turn it into a maze of turrets, flame-throwers, missile launchers or any of the other plethora of weapons at your disposal. The more they have to run, the more damage they take. Their initial paths can be altered by placing a weapon in their way, causing them to detour around it. The more detours, the more weapons they run into, and let’s face facts…it’s really awesome watching a group of 15 runners get decimated by a wall of your well-placed flamethrowers.

Of course it wouldn’t be challenging if all you had to do was build mazes. There are many enemies that take to the sky and simply fly over the field at different speeds. Impervious to your set-ups, they ignore the mazes and fly right over them, making you rely on shooting it from the ground to take it down. Awesome if your maze reaches that far, not so awesome when you realize it doesn’t and have to start all over again. Your weapons react to individual enemies, thus, when a flying baddie is above and a runner is below, your weapon focuses on whoever is closest, leaving the other unharmed. Your next gun has to pick up the slack, but it can be infuriating when you’re nearly done, and a zeppelin flies overhead causing all of your guns to ignore the 15 runners that just ran by – effectively ending your game.

FLAMETHROWERS! They're that cool.
FLAMETHROWERS! They’re that cool.

You only get 20 ‘lives’ in FR2. A life consists of one runner/ship/baddie getting by your defenses and out the other side. Once 20 get through, it’s game over. It may seem like a lot, but in reality, they come at you in groups of 5-20 sometimes, and if your set-up isn’t capable of holding off multiple enemies, you’ll find that 5-10 can slip through in one round – and there are usually between 50-80 rounds in each level, so, well, you can do the math.

The art style is charming, and the cartoon style graphics make it easy on the eyes. You can play this game for a few minutes or a few hours and still get some great entertainment out of it either way. The sound is impressive as well, you can hear the guns going off clearly, and the odd-ball sounds of some of the more interesting weapons is always a treat.

Sweet, sweet victory! Seeing this screen after your 24th attempt at a level: Priceless.
Sweet, sweet victory! Seeing this screen after your 24th attempt at a level: Priceless.

It’s fun, entertaining and extremely well polished. Fans of the original Fieldrunners will love the upgrades and new additions, and newcomers will enjoy an awesome strategy-action-tower defense experience.

Bottom line: pick up this game.

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