Mat Langford’s Gaming World: Black Ops: Declassified Could Kill The PS Vita

Here’s a “Community” TV show reference (for fans of the show, you’ll know what i’m saying, for non-fans, don’t worry I’ll get to my point): Remember on Community, just when the show got really awesome, they fired the creative mind behind it and replaced him with generic staff writers and you feared that the show would never be the same? Well with Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, it’s kind of the same deal.

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When developer Nihilistic Software released Resistance: Burning Skies earlier this year, it was touted as the quintessential Vita first-person shooter – the game that would truly show you what the powerful Vita could do. It was much-hyped and heavily promoted, but ended up being a colossal failure. The levels were linear and empty, the story was mediocre at best and what was supposed to be the savior of the fledgling handheld became one of it’s biggest banes. A doubting FPS audience then looked to the announcement of COD: BOD – nope, I’m not using that term anymore – Call of Duty: BOD to re-energize the Vita and give us a truly great portable FPS. Then we found out who was making it: Nihilistic Software.

Can you tell which game is which?
Can you tell which game is which?

Not that Nihilistic Software is a bad game developer, it’s just that their track record for creating great Vita FPS games isn’t the best. And the true disappointment came at GamesCom 2012, where they debuted the multiplayer for Call of Duty: BOD, and surprise surprise, it looked nearly identical to Resistance: Burning Skies. Personally, as a guy who was waiting anxiously for COD on the Vita, I couldn’t be more heartbroken. I’m not entirely sure what I expected, though. I guess it was that Sony would realize that they’ve basically got the future of the Vita riding on this game. Screw it up and, well, you’re essentially hammering what could be the last nail in the coffin. Yet, with capable studios under their wing that would – I’m assuming – jump at the chance to develop arguably the most anticipated Vita game of the year, they hand it off to an inexperienced studio with a shoddy quality record. All of this is magnified by the fact that the game doesn’t reflect any of the highly anticipated changes that are coming to Black Ops 2 on the major consoles, including the fact that we’re still going to be using the old load-out system as well as sticking with the kill-streaks instead of the new score-streaks. I don’t know…it just seems like Sony – who by all means should be throwing life-preservers in bunches at its drowning handheld – is just letting it sink farther and farther. We’ll have to wait and see if they can pull this off, but as of right now, all signs point to Killzone being our last hope to bring the Vita back from the dead.

Here’s the trailer. From the looks of it, even some of the levels look like they were pulled directly from the source files of Resistance: BS. Let us know what you think!

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