Watch With Amanda: What’s On TV This Week? July 16 – 22

Lots of interesting stuff on television this week, including a history of all the various Batmobiles in pop culture. Find out what to watch this week after the jump!

Batmobiles throughout the years

Monday July 9th
Hells Kitchen (8pm): One contestant makes Hell’s Kitchen history. Competitive eater Joey “Jaws” Chestnut makes an appearance and the contestants compete in a wing-eating showdown.
The Batmobile (8pm): This half-hour special on the caped crusader’s iconic ride features interviews with Batmen old (Adam West) and new (Christian Bale) as well as directors of several of the flicks
WWE Raw (9pm): Tonight’s show will be the final two-hour show as RAW goes to three-hours beginning next week. Expect some backlash from the Money In The Bank PPV last night. There will be troubles for CM Punk’s WWE Title reign with AJ Lee, John Cena and others.
The Closer (9pm): A good deed doesn’t go unpunished when Provenza helps his first ex-wife try to get her wedding ring back from a shady gold buyer. Robbery, felony murder and an evidence-swallowing dog are involved.
Teen Wolf (10pm): During a secret concert, Scott and Stiles come up with a method to trap the new shapeshifter. At the same time, Allison’s mother comes up with a plan of her own to take care of Scott once and for all.

Tuesday, July 10th

Pretty Little Liars (8pm): Hanna attempts to find out who’s assisting Garrett. Meanwhile, Spencer seeks Jason’s help; Emily has another flashback, which points her toward a suspect, and Aria wonders why Ezra is suddenly rolling in dough.

Hells Kitchen (8pm): The teams create menus for dinner service, but the pressure proves too much for some chefs, provoking chef Ramsay’s ire.
White Collar (9pm): Peter comes up with a strategy to return Neal to the U.S. before Collins catches him.

The Glee Project (10pm): Theatricality is appraised in a challenge that includes a rendering of Pussycat Dolls “When I Grow Up”.
Franklin & Bash (10pm): The guys aid two female Navy sailors who are charged with assault. Hanna helps in the case, but she may have hidden motives in doing so. Meanwhile, Pindar mediates a dispute between virtual-business owners; and Karp tangles with a summer associate
NY Med (10pm): A man with a liver disease needs a transplant and hopes to live long enough for his daughter’s wedding; a trauma surgeon finds his groove in New York after leaving New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; ER nurses deal with demanding patients, including an intoxicated man who has to be subdued by security guards.

Wednesday July 11th
So You Think You Can Dance (8pm): The Top 20 dancers will perform for a second time, but one male and one female will be eliminated.
Dallas (9pm): Rebecca discloses a deep secret to Elena. Meanwhile, a pushed and pressured John Ross hatches a feud between family members; and suspicions rise when a family associate is murdered.
Damages (10pm): A hacker claims to have pertinent information about the leak at Princefield; Patty’s former colleague offers her services to Ellen.

Thursday July 12th
Saving Hope (9pm): Routine surgery takes a nightmarish course when Alex’s patient falls into a coma. Before long, Charlie connects with the coma patient in the spirit world. Meanwhile, a case turns personal for Alex.

Burn Notice (9pm): Michael takes on a gangster with help from an unlikely ally; Card offers Fiona a deal to become a CIA asset, an arrangement that would prevent her from being extradited.

Anger Management (9:30pm): Charlie learns that his love interest Lori, (Denise Richards)thinks therapy is a scam; Charlie is asked to counsel one of his patient’s mother’s angry ghost.
Suits (10pm): Jessica takes the lead on a case that could have serious consequences for the firm, and Harvey has a hard time taking a backseat during the proceedings. Elsewhere, Mike works on a dispute between a tennis phenom and his trainer, who’s also his father.

Wilfred (10pm): Unforeseen problems arise for Ryan and Wilfred after a traumatic occurence.
Louie (10:30pm): Part 1 of 2. Louie searches for love.
Awkward (10:30pm): Post her parents separation, Jenna feels responsible. In an impulsive effort to absolve herself, she seeks refuge from her problems in a higher power at… Church Camp.

Sunday July 15th
The 2012 Teen Choice Awards (8pm): Justin Bieber, No Doubt, Flo Rida, and Carly Rae Jepsen are lined up to perform during the 2012 Teen Choice Awards gala. The Vampire Diaries leads in the TV categories with seven nominations, and Justin Bieber dominates the music lineup with five nods.
True Blood (9pm): Salome shows where her true allegiances lie; Sookie considers life without faerie powers; Sam locates the shooters; Hoyt finds a new group of friends; Alcide prepares for a fight; Lafayette searches for Jesus’ body.

The Glades (9pm): Jim and Jennifer discover the high cost of beauty while investigating the death of the owner of a luxury medical spa; Callie becomes overwhelmed by her crowded agenda.
Falling Skies (9pm): Ben falls into a dangerous situation, thanks to a person he trusted. Meanwhile, Tom ensnares another captive; Weaver offers Matt a job; and the unit face a new enemy when they’re trapped in the basement of a building.
Breaking Bad (10pm): In order to rebuild their lives and form a new profitable business, Walt and Jesse decide to look for a new potential partner to aid them in their latest venture. The DEA filters through various leads in hopes of finding something.

The Newsroom (10pm): News of unrest in Wisconsin in February 2011 in response to the governor’s call for budget cuts bubbles up during coverage of the ousting of President Mubarak in Egypt, and Neal finds someone who can provide updates from Cairo as the staff strive to give equal attention to both uprisings.
Weeds (10pm): Nancy throws a family dinner, and Silas befriends a local marijuana grower.

Political Animals (10pm): Douglas finds out his mother, Elaine plans to run for office again in “Second Time Around.”
Episodes (10:30pm): Pucks! numbers continue to tumble. Beverly is surprised Sean now has a Facebook page. Beverly and Sean are pressured by the network to shift the show’s focus more towards the students, which leads to Matt having a temper tantrum. After a difficult dinner meeting with Merc Matt gets drunk and threatens to both leave the show and tell Merc about his affair with Jamie; Beverly pleads with him not to and Matt eventually agrees.

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