Watch With Amanda: What’s on TV this week? June 25 – July 1

This week Charlie Sheen debuts his Anger Management and Weeds returns for its eighth and final season!

Monday June 25th

Hells Kitchen (8pm): The runway-show dinner proves distracting for some contestants, while others succeed despite the pressure to time the service perfectly with the show.
WWE Raw (9pm): Chris Jericho returns! Is Dolph Ziggler about to dump Vickie Guerrero?
Me @ The Zoo (9pm): HBO documentary starring YouTube sensation Chris Crocker. The documentary delves into the life of Chris who was made famous on the internet through numerous public videos, notably his video “Leave Britney Alone”, which garnered mainstream media attention
Teen Wolf (10pm): Derek becomes convinced that Lydia is the shapeshifter, forcing Scott to protect her. The Kanima will be revealed. (Now I’m thinking it’s Jackson?)

Tuesday, June 26th

Pretty Little Liars (8pm): Caleb doesn’t understand why Hanna is visiting Mona, and this tempts Hanna to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Aria considers sharing details about her dad’s dating life with her mom; Spencer seeks answers about Melissa; and Emily meets Maya’s cousin.

Hells Kitchen (8pm): Fighting champions Tito Ortiz and Sugar Ray Leonard offer inspiration to the contestants, whom chef Ramsay encourages to fight for their spots in the competition.
The Glee Project (10pm): The contestants must prove their sultry worth in a lusty rendering of the songs “Moves Like Jagger” and “Milkshake.” Naya Rivera is the guest mentor.
Franklin & Bash (10pm): Jared must serve as a small-claims judge and ends up making an unfortunate ruling that irks the rock-music community. He’s forced to square off in court against his father in a case that spins around a legendary rock bigwig. Meanwhile, Infeld’s spiritual adviser is exposed as a fraud.

Wednesday June 27th

So You Think You Can Dance (8pm): The Top 20 dancers are introduced.
Dallas (9pm): John Ross resorts to blackmail to gain leverage on a family member, but J.R. deals with the development in his own inimitable style. Elsewhere, Christopher labors over choosing between two women.

Thursday June 28th

Anger Management (9pm): SERIES PREMIERE! In the opener of this series about a therapist specializing in anger issues who battles them himself, Charlie returns to therapy after an unpleasant encounter with his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. Later, a forgettable woman from Charlie’s past shows up as a new patient in his group therapy.
Saving Hope (9pm): Sluggish due to a lack of sleep, Alex works the night shift in the ER and crosses paths with a hardfisted hockey star with health issues. Elsewhere, Charlie encounters a suburban ne’er-do-well facing the toughest battle of his life.

Burn Notice (9pm): Pearce asks for Michael’s help going after the man who killed her fiancé, but the task turns tricky when they find out the killer is a CIA asset. Also: Fiona investigates the attempt on her life and plans to meet with a well-connected smuggler.
Suits (10pm): Harvey and Daniel start a feud and Mike is caught in the middle of it. Louis goes up against his equal. 
Wilfred (10pm): SEASON PREMIERE! Wilfred accuses Ryan of being selfish and refuses to help him with his problems. Robin Williams guest stars as Ryan’s therapist.
Louie (10:30pm): SEASON PREMIERE! Louie has a challenging day.
Awkward (10:30pm): SEASON PREMIERE! It’s the New Year and Jenna and Jake are invited to a party. Unfortunately, Matty is invited too.

Sunday July 1st

True Blood (9pm): Bill and Eric worry that they will not live to see another day. Sookie finds herself in mortal danger because of Lafayette’s actions. Authority members Roman and Salome work together to find and reveal a traitor within the Council.

The Glades (9pm): When Jim finds the ex-Navy Seal owner of his favorite food truck dead in the truck’s kitchen, he ends up embroiled in a heated political battle between the new wave of gourmet food trucks and the established boardwalk restaurants. Jennifer takes an interest in Jim’s cases, while Callie’s attempt to confront Miranda about her hostility backfires.
Falling Skies (9pm): While on patrol together, Ben and Hal try to help a young boy and wind up having their bikes stolen. The hunt to recover them leads them to the discovery of something much bigger. Weaver is reunited with a family member he thought he lost.

The Newsroom (10pm): MacKenzie takes charge of the revamped “News Night” and lobbies economist Sloan Sabbith to file a nightly financial report. Meanwhile, Jim takes responsibility for Maggie’s mistake; Charlie puts a halt to Reese’s meetings with Will; and a confidential breakup story is a secret no more.

Weeds (10pm): SEASON PREMIERE! The shooting victim is rushed to the hospital while the family is left to theorize about who pulled the trigger.
Episodes (10:30pm): SEASON PREMIERE! “Pucks!” scores big ratings, meaning that the separated Sean and Beverly—and star Matt who had a fling with her—must find a way to coexist and continue working together. Meanwhile, Morning has a very special birthday present for Sean.

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  1. teen wolf – I think the shapeshifter isn’t lydia…I’m thinking Jackson as well!

    And Awkward is a great show!! It’s clever and well-written! Glad you included in your week’s summary!

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