March Madness – Biff Bam Pop Unboxes Pink Floyd – The Wall

When it comes to odes to madness, few albums are as classic as Pink Floyd – The Wall. Released at the tail end of 1979, the double disc set was written (mostly) by Floyd bassist/lyricist Roger Waters and was a concept album that told the story of a rock named Pink, who was equal parts Waters, former Floyd member (And acid casualty) Syd Barrett and fiction. Throughout the album, the alienated and increasingly mad Pink creates a wall around himself to keep away from all those he blames for his various issues – his mother, his wife, his schoolteachers, his fans. Depending on your taste, the album is incredibly brilliant or ridiculously depressing.

The first time I hear Pink Floyd – The Wall, I was thirteen years old and was listening to a borrowed cassette tape. 22 years later, I’m onto my fifth or sixth copy of the album. I know it like the back of my hand, and seeing Roger Waters perform it live in concert has become my favourite live experience. Safe to say, I’m a Wall fanatic. On that note, here’s our latest Pink Floyd unboxing – The Wall.

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