Watch With Amanda: Walking Dead Sneak Peek and other TV News

Walking Dead

– Looking for some Alcatraz insider information? Executive Producer Jack Bender gave EW some scoop on an upcoming episode. “We’re doing an episode about the segregated block. All the black prisoners were not allowed to mingle or eat with — this was 1963,” reveals Bender. “There’s an episode coming up where we’re dealing with those issues.”

Freaks & Geeks and Party Down fans should stay tuned to Fox’s New Girl.  Martin Starr has booked a guest spot on an upcoming episode, E! Online reports. Martin will be playing Dirk, a friend from Nick’s law school days who’s going through a rough patch after his engagement broke off.

– Most fans of The Walking Dead were left stunned when Executive Producer Frank Darabont was fired from the show.  The announcement came just days after Darabont represented the series at Comic Con.  After staying quiet for a few months Darabont has just talked to TV Guide about his new show L.A. Noir.  TV Guide explains the series kicks off in 1947 and centers on L.A. cop Joe Teague, who’s caught in the moral gray zone between the city’s notorious gangsters and its corrupt police force. Real-life figures from the era are woven into the story’s fictional characters.  L.A. Noir begins shooting in April.  Sounds similar to Boardwalk Empire.  Will you be watching?

– Speaking of The Walking Dead, are you looking forward to the return on February 12th?  It seems like forever since Shane unleashed the barn zombies and we finally found out what happened to poor Sophia.  AMC has been kind enough to release a couple of sneak peek videos of the first episode back to hold us over.  Don’t worry – there are no major spoilers in the clips below BUT there are two new mysterious characters in the second video.  Who are they?  Where did they come from?  Let us know what you think in the comments.

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