Remembering Minck Oosterveer

The name Minck Oosterveer is probably not particularly familiar to you. It sure wasn’t to me. Which is why I didn’t clue in when I was on the Comixology App last night and saw that BOOM! Studios was offering free downloads of not one, but two collections of their series, The Unknown. When I saw that Mark Waid was the creator, I immediately downloaded the two titles. In my opinion, Waid has been doing the best work of his career at BOOM! with his two stellar series, Irredeemable and Incorruptible. Regardless of the subject matter, I was interested.

Something clued in, though,when I saw the name of artist Oosterveer, and a quick Google search informed me that he was a Dutch artist that had only just started working in North America and who had passed away this past Monday after a motorcycle accident. What I can tell you about his work in The Unknown is that is is absolutely great, pulpy yet detailed, and really very fun to look at. Meanwhile, the story of private investigator Catherine Allingham is immediately engaging. I have so much on my plate right now to read, but all I want to do is finish The Unknown. That’s the sign of a great story.

Visit Comixology to download The Unknown for free right now – a wonderful tribute to Minck Oosterveer, an artist that most of us probably will wish we got to know more of. You can also read a tribute from BOOM! Studios editor-in-chief, Matt Gagnon, here.

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