Winning! Jimmy Fallon Nails Another Celeb Parody

For a web site that likes to talk about pop culture, it seems like not mentioning anything at all about the whole Charlie Sheen insanity would be a mistake. However, I don’t want to dwell on it for too long, since we don’t do gossip here.

Though did you hear Sheen might be doing Major League 3? Tom Berenger is counting on it. 
Ok, enough of that. I think we’re all pretty entertained by what appears to be Charlie taking a page from his Dad’s handbook circa Apocalypse Now time, and I’ve got to admit that there’s something really hypnotic about how he sounds when presenting the arguments he makes towards his drug use and his partying lifestyle. But we should remember that there are kids and spurned wives involved…and apparently two girlfriends in the mix as well? Hef’s got nothing on you, Charlie. Got-got-got…
However, Sheen’s stream-of-consciouness ongoing insanity is creating more than just twitter talk – he’s the basis for a lot of great comedy moments. A few weeks back my main man Perry S. wrote a piece on how he was switching his late night affiliation from Conan O’brien to Jimmy Fallon (you can find it here), and after seeing Fallon’s latest brilliant parody spot, I think there’s little doubt who the new king of quirky late night is. Topical and spot on parody is what Jimmy Fallon offers up on a regular basis and his take winning take on Charlie Sheen is no exception. Check out the video below.

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