DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Alice in Wonderland – The Walt Disney animated classic comes to Blu-Ray for the first time this weekend. The story follows Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole and meets a variety of wild characters including the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat as well as the very evil Red Queen. The animated film has some great songs, some great hand drawn animation and still holds up well after all these years.

Let Me In – This is a remake of the Swedish horror film Let the Right One In and is about the friendship between a young boy and a young girl who are both outsiders. The boy is not very popular at school and the girl has a hard time making friends as she can only come out at night. Don’t expect a “G” rated tale with this one, as it is tension filled and there is lots of blood. The film also received very positive notices, which is rare enough for a horror film, but even rarer for a remake of a popular horror film.

Conviction – This film stars Hilary Swank in the true story of a woman who does everything in her power to get her brother out of prison. She believes that her brother has been wrongly convicted of murder and now that he has exhausted his chances to appeal the conviction with public defenders, Swank’s character decides to go to law school with the express purpose of becoming a lawyer to set her brother free. This film was definitely an Oscar contender prior to its release, but it never really generated much buzz once it was in theatres.

Welcome to the Rileys – This film stars James Gandolfini, Melissa Leo and Kristen Stewart and is about a couple still dealing with the loss of their daughter after many years. The wife is so struck with grief that she is unable to leave the house, while the husband needing to make contact with other people, strikes up a friendship with a young prostitute (played by Stewart). Meanwhile, the wife realizes that her marriage is on the rocks and tries to find the strength to leave the house and bring back her husband.

A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop – This film is a remake of the Coen Brothers film “Blood Simple” from acclaimed director Zhang Yimou. Like the original film, the plot follows a man who schemes to kill his wife and her lover until his plans go off-kilter. The setting is different as instead of the film being set in Texas, it is now set in a small desert town in China. Critical reception for the film was negative as the film currently has a 30% positive rating at Rotten Tomatoes, but for fans of the original and for fans of the director, it should be worth checking out.

Never Let Me Go – This film stars Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield and follows three friends dealing with life after they graduate from their idyllic boarding school. Life is not easy as they have to deal with their feelings for one another as well as the fact that the world they live in has clones, whose existence is only to help grow matching organs for the humans should they need transplants. Part sci-fi, part love story, this film didn’t get a major release, but the talent involved should help the film find an audience on DVD.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 – This Direct-To-DVD sequel follows the two dogs Papi and Chloe dealing with family life as they have five puppies to look after. When their owners get in trouble, the Chihuahuas go on a quest to save them. For fans of the original film only (although George Lopez does return as the voice of Papi).

Mean Girls 2 – There’s not much in common with the original, as none of the main stars of the original are in this film (Tim Meadows does return), and Tina Fey definitely did not write the script for the Direct-To-DVD film. The film follows a group of women called “The Plastics” and the little clique they have that makes life for everyone else at the school a living hell. Hard to say who would want to see this, but this is my must avoid DVD pick of the week.


Airwolf: Season Four

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