This Just In: Snyder Finds His Superman

The news just broke that Henry Cavill will be playing Clark Kent and Superman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming reboot. I’m sure you join me in saying…”Who is Henry Cavill?”

A British actor, Cavill is best known for appearing in Stardust. At least, that’s what Wikipedia says. I’ve never heard of him, but then again, none of us knew who Brandon Routh was either.

Good luck Henry!

2 Replies to “This Just In: Snyder Finds His Superman”

  1. This is his second kick at the can as he was pegged to play the Kryptonian hero back in the McG and Brett Ratner days, before Singer got the gig to direct Superman Returns.

    Thank God that movie never happened as I recall the original JJ Abrams script was HORRIBLE! Not “Superman” as we know him at all!

    That horribleness is the only reason I remember. I can't seem to purge the thought!

  2. Excellent casting. Cavill looks the part; has the charm, intensity and acting chops to do this role its greatest justice. Just hope Snyder doesn’t focus ALL his energy into a visual feast of the eyes and ears, and is sure to also put real focus into the heart, theme and performances of this film. SUPERMAN as a hero and a story has such potential to be as much an emotional experience as a fun and entertaining one. With Nolan guiding the process, trust the best incarnation of the tale will emerge – just a matter of executing it with all its layers.

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