Benry Blindsided: What’s a Benry? Pdawg Watches As Survivor Heads Towards The Homestretch

As Season 21 of Survivor continues to role along, I am amazed at how little I actually care about all those left in the game. By now, I usually have my favourites, a hate-on for a villain or two, and an anticipation for what is to come. Not so much this season.

At this point, I would only be satisfied with one of two outcomes. Either Chase wins, and I can boast my pre-season pick as the winner, or Jane wins for being the oldest and most determined player this season. Something tells me neither of these are likely to happen and if the season continues to slide, Danny or Sash might steal the pot.

Last week was basically a tug-of-war for Sash as the alliance of Jane, Holly and Chase worked to secure Sash’s vote against one of Benry, Fabio and Danny. Once again, it doesn’t feel like anyone playing is looking far down the road to see what might happen should the likes of Jane, Holly or Danny make it to the end. With NaOnka out of the game, there is no obvious enemy remaining so it’s fair game for anyone making it to the finale and the heart-wrenching story of Jane’s recent loss or Holly’s motherhood role around camp will play well with the jury.

The reward challenge is a combination of previous challenges rolled in to a team elimination challenge and then an ultimate individual winner. Chase dominated the challenge and is given the chance to take two players with him to a private resort for a shower and meal. Despite the fact that Chase promised Sash that he would take him on reward if he won in order to secure his vote, Chase takes his alliance of Jane and Holly on reward. Everyone, including Jane and Holly are shocked that Chase would be dumb enough to leave Sash behind to scheme with the other alliance unobstructed.

The most emotional part of the episode was when Jane returned from reward to camp to learn that the guys had decided to kill and eat her chicken. With tears in her eyes, Jane created a monument for the fowl out of sticks and shells. Yup – that was one of the episode’s high points.

Back at camp there’s just a lot of chatter between everyone and Sash. Chase tries to explain his decision and apologizes for not taking Sash. Benry and Fabio try to show Sash how smart they are and how untrustworthy Chase is. Holly works on Danny and Jane cries about her chicken – time for another challenge.

This time for immunity, the players are tied to a rail and they must manoeuvre themselves over and under the tangled twine to release enough rope so that they can reach a bag of coins across the beach. The first three to reach their bags make it to the finals to compete for immunity. Fabio, Benry and Sash are the first to the coins and then compete to stack the coins with the winner taking immunity. Sash uses his quick hands and keen sense to quickly stack the coins and win immunity, which, when coupled with his idol, guarantees him a spot in the top 5.

At tribal, Jeff tries to generate some enthusiasm and controversy but there really isn’t any. Tonight’s vote just boils down to who’s side Sash aligns with. Going in, the talk was either Chase or Fabio to go home, but, with what can only be classified as a mild blindside at best, Benry is voted out of the game. Yawn.

This week, I predict that we’ll see the “loved ones” episode where the remaining players get visits from their loved ones only if they successfully win a challenge. Someone will be asked to sacrifice their visit for the benefit of the larger group and if that person is Holly, she’ll probably do it. If it isn’t, well tough bananas.

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