It’s Baaaaaack – An Introduction to Biff Bam Boo Volume 2 By Andy Burns

Halloween is this Sunday, which means something we here at Biff Bam Pop have been working on in some way, shape or form is about to see the light of day..


Biff Bam Boo, Volume 2, that is.

If you’re unaware, Biff Bam Boo is a four issue comic series written and illustrated by the ragamuffins who constantly contribute to Biff Bam Pop – JP Fallavollita, David Ward, Scott Guest, Ian Rogers and Denny Borges. The stories we’ve come up with are diverse and unique – in them you’ll find a Halloween inspired tale of nostalgia, a Lovecraftian tale of terror, a Canadian to the core monster mash and the prologue to an ongoing supernatural series. One thing about everyone who contributed this year – we worked our butts off to top last year’s series. I’m pretty sure we succeeded.

Biff Bam Boo Volume 2 begins tomorrow and will run the rest of the week. After that?  Well, that’s when things will get even more interesting. The plan is to put together the first two years of Biff Bam Boo into one hardcover collection. It’s something we’ve all been talking about since last year and we’re targeting the end of next month to make this happen. When all the details on how you can order a copy are firmed up, you’ll be the first to know. Because as good as Biff Bam Boo will look on your screen, there’s still nothing like curling about up with a good book of spookiness.

See you tomorrow!

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