Cap, Kal-El, And The Dead: Andy Burns San Diego Checklist

Yesterday our friend and writer JP wrote a great piece about looking forward to hearing what DC Comics news will come out of the imminent San Diego Comic-Con. The place to be for geeks worldwide, JP is stocked for news about the forthcoming Green Lantern film due out next year with Ryan Reynolds and some sort of possible Deadman adaptation. Knowing the Marvel Zombie that I am, JP wondered what news I hope to hear about from the big event. On that note, here are the three potential events I’m eagerly anticipating:

The Avengers Film

This should come as no surprise. The talk is that Comic-Con will feature the official announcement that Buffy mastermind Joss Whedon will be directing the film, due Summer 2012. If all goes according to plan, we’ll also see the core cast on stage together for the first, including Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America), Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury), and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow). Maybe we’ll also get confirmation of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye or Nathan Fillion as Hank Pym, and finally find out who will be playing The Hulk (which as of yesterday was a role rumored to have been offered to Mark Ruffalo). With skepticism running rampant around Marvel thanks to the announcement that Thor and Captain America:The First Avenger will be 3D conversion films, not to mention the Edward Norton debacle, I’m hoping the studio will give fans a memorable announcement or two.

The Walking Dead On AMC

If you love zombies, you’ve likely perused Robert Kirkman’s stellar ongoing Image comic book series about survivors of a zombie holocaust. The Walking Deadmakes the transition to live action this fall on AMC for a six episode first season. With director Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Mist) steering the ship, expectations are super high for the series, which reportedly won’t skimp on the zombie gore. Kirkman’s recently tweeted that he’s seen the Comic-Con trailer that’s been prepared and that fans won’t be disappointed. Even though I won’t be in attendance I’m looking forward to the a trailer leaking, as it inevitably will. This could be the horror event of the con.

The Superman Reboot

JP mentioned this in his article and I’m right there with him. I loved Bryan Singer’s 2006 Superman Returns and thought Brandon Routh did a wonderful job as the Man Of Steel, even if the performance was more about honoring Christopher Reeve than completely restarting the franchise. But since a continuation isn’t to be, I am eager to hear what executive producer Christopher Nolan has planned. All signs point to his brother Jonathan (one of his Batman franchise collaborators) stepping into the directors chair, while Chuck star Zachary Levi is rumored to have the inside track on playing our favourite Kryptonian. Perhaps things will become clearer at Comic-Con.

Also on my radar: more news on the DC and Marvel apps for the iPad, the Fright Nightremake staring Colin Farrel, and potential news in the Spider-Man film franchise.

Oh, and hopefully eBay will be my friend as I try and score myself this convention exclusive.

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