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Green Zone – Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass re-team for this film which is about a U.S. Army officer who questions the military intelligence that suggests there are weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. Damon’s character realizes that the hunt for the weapons is merely a ploy so that the U.S. government can get the people they want in power in the Middle East. It’s a tense thriller, and from all accounts a decent one, but never found an audience when it was released this spring.

She’s Out Of My League – Jay Baruchel stars in this comedy about an airport security officer who dreams of being a pilot. One day a beautiful woman walks through the airport and accidentally leaves her cell phone behind. She phones her phone and Jay Baruchel answers. They set up a meeting place so he can return the phone to her, and they eventually start to date. Baruchel’s family and friends cannot believe how good looking this new girl is, but doubt that Baruchel will be able to have a lasting relationship with her, because he is a “5” and she is a “10”, and relationships that are more than two ratings apart cannot last. Will love win out in the end? You’ll have to watch it to find out.

Remember Me – This romantic-drama stars Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin and is about a girl who lives at home with her overprotective father and a boy who wanders through life aimlessly. They eventually meet under false pretenses, and soon realize that they both have a lot in common with each other and fall in love. There is a sub-plot that involves Pattinson’s character trying to reconnect with his father (played by Pierce Brosnan), as they have drifted apart since Pattinson’s brother’s death. The film caused some controversy because of its ending, and it showed that Pattinson’s fan base from Twilight won’t necessarily watch him in other films.

The Last Station – This film stars Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren, and James MacAvoy and follows the last year in the life of Leo Tolstoy. Tolstoy did not believe in material positions, which caused problems with his wife, even though they were happily married. Tolstoy’s followers wanted him to sign a will that will negate all the rights to his work, and put it into the public domain, but by doing this he would not be leaving his family very much when he dies. Will he follow his beliefs or will he look after the best interests of his family? The Last Station was critically acclaimed and both Plummer and Mirren were nominated for Oscars for their respective performances.

The Good Guy – Alexis Bledel stars in this film about a New Yorker who wants a good job, good friends, and a great boyfriend. As the Meat Loaf song says, “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad” as she loves her job and her friends. She eventually meets a new guy who she has feelings for, and just as things are about to get serious, she begins to like her new boyfriend’s co-worker. The film only got a limited release, and is hoping to find a bigger audience on DVD.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: London Calling-Live in Hyde Park – The title of this one says it all as Springsteen and the E Street Band play songs in Hyde Park in London, England. The music is from the “Working On A Dream” tour, and it’s a must for any Springsteen fan.

Stones in Exile – Another must own for any rock fan is this documentary that chronicles the recording of The Rolling Stones famous album “Exile on Main St.” It will be interesting to see how the album came to be, as the stories of the recording sessions are legendary. Keith Richards rented a villa in France, and it was eventually decided that they would record the album in the basement of the villa (which was obviously convenient for Keith, who could roll out of bed and go downstairs to work, following the massive parties that used to happen at the villa). The band was not a cohesive unit at this point in their career (the documentary will show this), but they managed to make a classic album.


Entourage: The Complete Sixth Season – This season is more character driven, as each character has their own arcs. Vince spends his time preparing for the Enzo Ferrari biopic, Eric is not over Sloan and tries to win her back, Turtle starts college and has relationship issues with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Drama has problems at work, and Ari has to deal with his assistant wanting to become an agent, and has to help a co-worker lure Aaron Sorkin to be a client at the firm.

Hung: The Complete First Season – This HBO comedy stars Thomas Jane as is about a high school basketball coach who is down on his luck. His ex-wife is getting married, his house that he grew up in as a kid and still lives in burns down, and life seems pretty bleak. Jane attends a self-help seminar and meets an old flame who suggests that he could make a little extra income by being a male prostitute. He reluctantly agrees and the show follows the attempts of Jane as he tries to balance both lives

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