The Hunt For The iPad: Andy Burns Goes Shopping

A few months back when the iPad was announced, our good and friend and occasional Biff Bam Pop contributor JP wrote a great piece on all the things he would do once the wondrous device was in his hands. Myself, I’ve wondered about the iPad and if I’d be inclined to pick one up. As the days came closer to the Canadian launch the more the iPad was on my mind. What would I be using it for? Surfing? Sure. Reading novels? Hrmmm, not so much. That’s reserved for my Sony ereader and its compact, ideal for commuting size (7 Stephen King books read during a 4 months period – you could say that the ereader and I bonded). Digital comics? Yes, that’s a key reason for the iPad purchase, since I have a feeling that could be the future of the comic industry (or at least a strong part of it), which is an industry that I get a great deal of pleasure writing about. And while the Queen may question my motives, I think being able to watch films from the comfort of our bed in the next few weeks on the iPad could be a good thing.


Tuesday I made up my mind. I was going to get the iPad. I did a search on the Future Shop and Best Buy websites to see if any stores near me had the device in stock. Wouldn’t you know it, one Future Shop location listed it as available. So with the lure of a Dairy Queen Blizzard along the way, The Queen and I hopped in the car to Apple glory. First off, let me tell you that I haven’t had a Blizzard in years, but they are a little piece of ice cream heaven. I’ve always thought that the McFlurry just pales in comparison to the magic that Dairy Queen creates.


After our ice cream excursion, we wound up at the Future Shop that had iPads in stock. I did a quick play with one of the display pads, checking out this very site on the iPads slick screen. Gosh, I thought. This looks great (and yes, I thought gosh). And that craving to be able to read comics on the screen, whether via PDF or Marvel’s Digital store; well, I was ready. And that’s when the clerk told me they were sold out.

Now here’s the interesting thing – at least, it was for me. As I’ve grown up, when I’ve really craved something and it’s been sold out or delayed, I would just get horribly aggravated. “What do you mean you don’t have the Rowdy Roddy Piper Wrestling Superstars action figure? Sold out?” Yes, that was me back in the day. It’s must have to do with maturity or something strange like that, because 25 years later I simply thought “oh well, not today. Maybe tomorrow”.


I wasn’t ready to be totally undone, mind you. We did do a quick drive across the road to Best Buy, though I did have a fairly decent idea as to what the end result would be. Sadly, this store experience was lacking when compared to Future Shop. There were no clerks in the Apple section, and when I finally did track someone down they were of real little use.

“Are you guys sold out of iPads?”


“Do you know when you’ll be getting your next shipment?”


“No? Seriously? You have absolutely no idea?”

“Well, today is Tuesday. The truck comes tomorrow. So maybe tomorrow. Or the next day.”

“Thanks Beavis.”

You know, I was full of patience but man, what a goofball. Talk about bad customer service. I didn’t necessarily need a definitive answer, but there was quite the difference between this guy and the fellow at Future Shop who offered to take another couple’s name if they wanted to get a phone call when the next shipment came in.

So in the end, I came away with nothing. Nothing electronics oriented, that is! We wound up doing a little post iPad-hunting shopping, where I managed to find something to at least keep me happy until I can find the ever elusive iPad.


I went looking for iPad and walked away with Iron Man! For only $7!! He joins my ever growing army of Marvel Universe Avengers! Not quite the technological wonder I was hoping for, but he’ll do.

For now.

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