Pdawg on Survivor: Alliances Re-Align As The Remaining Survivors Look Ahead To The Final Jury

Truthfully, I don’t have that much to say about Episode 11 of Survivor. For whatever reason, I didn’t find it that exciting or interesting. It is, however, clear that Russell has some competition going in to the final stretch. Parvati has demonstrated that she is equally as clever as the idol-finding mastermind, managing to stay one step ahead of the self-proclaimed King of Survivor. Also, Sandra has managed to stay in the game despite having no friends, no alliances and a lousy attitude – the same assets that lead her to the million dollars in Survivor 7:Pearl Islands.

Early on, both original tribes attempt to lure a member from the other side in to their alliance. Rupert, realizing that Sandra is on the outs with the Villains, bakes a plan to bring her over to the Heroes side and blindside Russell. Meanwhile, Russell is doing his best to sell Candice a trip to the final three, something he claims the Heroes can’t provide.

The reward challenge is a game of Survivor shuffleboard – actually more like the bumper shuffleboard you’d play in a bar. The players are spit into teams of three, but it’s Colby who wins it for his team of Danielle and Amanda with the very last shot. The trio will head out to Robert Louis Stevenson’s home on the island to watch Treasure Island, sleep in a real bed and enjoy some popcorn.

Things get interesting when Danielle notices a clue for another hidden immunity idol in her bowl of popcorn. She discreetly removes it from the bowl and attempts to hide it under the bed. Moments later, Amanda discovers the rolled-up parchment paper under the bed and makes a claim for the clue. Amanda and Danielle do their best WWE Diva impersonation and wrestle for the clue – Apparently Colby is a big Treasure Island fan because he can’t take his eyes off the screen to watch two attractive women in bikinis go at it right in front of him. Amanda eventually gives up and Danielle returns to camp with the clue.

Danielle shares the clue with Jerri and Russell and it’s not long before Russell and Danielle are down by the stream turning over rocks in search of the idol. While Danielle has her back turned, Russell uncovers the idol and slips it into his shorts without anyone noticing – Russell has ANOTHER idol! Is there any way that this guy hasn’t found an idol?

The immunity challenge is a test of determination, composure and skill as the players must individually stack 150 tiles to a height of 10-feet. Russell and Jerri get the lead and build impressive structures, but it’s Jerri who prevails and wins immunity – her first ever individual immunity.

As the players jockey for position, Candice informs Russell of the Heroes plan to flip Sandra over to their side and vote him out. Russell, confronts Sandra while Colby attempts to keep Candice in the Heroes alliance. Russell decides it is time to get rid of Amanda because she is “like Boston Rob in a girls’ body.” – another classic Russell line!

At Tribal Council, Russell and Sandra go at it as he questions her loyalty and trustworthiness. He also reveals that he is starting to think about who he wants to take to the end based on jury votes – this guy is always strategizing. Colby reveals that the Heroes believe Danielle has an idol which solidifies Russell’s decision to play the idol to protect himself. In the end, Russell was safe no matter what as the Heroes targeted Parvati but they only had three votes. Candice did in fact flip and voted with Russell, as did Sandra who stayed loyal to the Villains in the end. With that, Amanda is the voted out of the game and becomes the fourth member of the jury.

Kudos to Amanda for playing almost three complete games of Survivor before getting her torch snuffed-out by Jeff. She may look like a doe-eyed innocent player, but make no mistake; she was the biggest threat on the Hero side.

This week I anticipate more desperation on the Hero side which should lead to more flip-flopping (perhaps by Colby). We are also hearing that there will be TWO tribal councils tonight so look for a surprise blindside of one of the frontrunners – I predict either Russell or Parvati will be going home tonight!

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