Peanut Butter and Light Cycles: Andy Burns on TRON


Flashback to 1982. Your humble writer is just a wee lad of 5 years old. On this particular day, I’m standing in a grocery store with my grandmother. In my hand is a jar of peanut butter. I want to say Jiffy but that particular detail fails me at the moment. What I do remember is that I hated peanut butter but I was desperate for Nan (short for Nanny) to buy this particular jar. You may say to yourself, why, Andy Burns, why that jar? And I would answer simply because of what I would get with it. A TRON poster. And believe you me, I may not have known what the heck was happening during that movie, but it sure looked cool. And I wanted that TRON poster badly.

Nearly 30 years later and I’m still not exactly sure what’s going on during TRON, but I can tell you I’m psyched to see the long awaited sequel, TRON Legacy. Talk about the continuing the story of game programmer Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has been talked about for years, but it’s only been in the last two or three that the wheels have been in motion. Test images, rumours, and much more floated across the web until a brief teaser in 2008 let the world in on the fact that a new TRON movie was on the way, complete with returning actors Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner.


During the 2009 Toronto Fan Expo one of the film’s producer ran a packed preview talk that showed a few rough scenes and images of the computer world that Disney would be bringing back to life. There was also a light cycle on display that drew a lot of people.

With the original film at the height of technology back in 1982, it’s probably no surprise that TRON Legacy will follow suit, with its release in December in both 3D and IMAX 3D theaters. A new trailer which you can check out below was released this past weekend alongside Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland (itself a 3D flick) and the trailer looks very cool indeed. With all of our reliance and infatuation with cool tech stuff, 2010 feels pretty timely for a new TRON film.

As for me, I got my jar of peanut butter and my TRON poster. I also got a serious frown from Nan when I fessed up that I didn’t really like peanut butter either, one of the only times I ever saw that look on her normally smiling face.

These days I love peanut butter.


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