Andy Burns’ Oscar Apathy


So it’s Sunday afternoon and The Queen has decided it’s best that we catch a couple of Oscar nominated films before the show tonight. Me, I’m not feeling it. The sun is shining and I don’t really want to sit around watching anything. But I like to make the boss happy, so we hunker down in front of the tube and put on The Hurt Locker. It makes sense that we’d pick this film first, seeing as how Katherine Bigelow could nab a Best Director Oscar tonight. Maybe even trounce the ridiculously popular Avatar’s hope for a Best Picture win. But after about fifteen minutes, I respectfully asked the Queen if we could watch something else. I wasn’t in the mood for jerky cameras and war torn stories.

So I’m writing this now as The Blind Side plays on our television. For my mood and mindset today, this film is a little more like it. Lighter, to be certain. But the thing I notice is that, like The Hurt Locker, I’m not engaged with The Blind Side either. Part of me wonders if it’s because of the sun outside. Part of me wonders if it’s just that I don’t really care about the Oscar’s this year. This hit home with me with the surprise predictions that Scotty G sent me yesterday.

As regular readers of Biff Bam Pop know, Scotty G is our movie guru. He sees lots of the big films, smaller ones, and he knows what he’s talking about. I read through his list of predictions and it started to hit me. I had almost forgotten that the Oscar’s were on today. Normally it’s a big deal in our house, but this year we just missed out on all the hype leading up to it. I guess I’ve simple got a case of Oscar apathy. I’ve seen a handful of films, but none of the essentials like Up In The Air or The Hurt Locker. Not even District 9 (that’s the one I can’t believe I missed out on). And ten movies nominated for Best Picture? Is it me or does that just diminish some of the thrill and excitement of the race. If we would have had the usual five pictures fighting it out, I guarantee you we would have seen all of the nominees.

We’ll watch The Oscar’s tonight, there’s no doubt about that. I think Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will be great hosts, and I’m looking forward to the tribute to John Hughes. And perhaps when it’s all said and done I’ll finally feel inspired to see some of the movies that I missed this year.

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