What Am I Missing? Andy Burns On Avatar


I’ve avoided writing about one particular topic for a few weeks now. Something that’s top of mind with so many people, not just those of you that read Biff Bam Pop or the people that I know in my social circumstances, but folks around the world as well. But I’ve avoided writing about this topic for fear of being ostracized by virtually everyone I know. But I think it’s time I just admit it and say it out loud here.

I did not like Avatar. No joke. I would probably even say I hated it. I found myself fidgeting in my seat, looking at the time, wondering when this film would be over. To me it was boring and predictable, with simply average performances working from an average script. To me Avatar was simply a mash-up of Aliens and Titanic (which I readily admit to never having seen in theatres and have only experienced from the mid-point on and only on television).

Now many would argue that it’s not the storyline you’re going for, it’s the special effects. Well, having seen Avatar on an IMAX screen in 3D, which by all accounts is the method by which one is meant to experience the film, I will admit that I don’t know what all the hubbub about the sfx is about either. I didn’t feel particularly immersed in the world of Pandora. I felt like Avatar was like an extremely high budgeted videogame, with the same wooden dialogue and low-grade acting that you’d find in an average games for your PS3 or Xbox 360.

Now of course I brought my own biases into the film. While I enjoy sci-fi, Avatar’s premise seemed more like a fantasy film to me, which is a genre I’ve never been a fan of. It was also very chick-flick like, with the romance between Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana’s characters taking up so much of the screen time. If I’m going to watch a chick flick, I suppose I want it to star Hugh Grant or Sandra Bullock or for it to take place in England and have a series of madcap misunderstandings before true love wins out. A combination of Dances With Wolves and Titanic was never something I was going to enjoy.

So many people have embraced the film that it boggles my mind. Over $1 billion at the box office in no time? How does that happen? I admit to feeling left out of the entire Avatar experience. I wish I would have enjoyed the film and that I could say I can’t wait to see it again, but I have the exact opposite mindset. I don’t see myself gaining any sort of newfound appreciation, and I can’t imagine sitting through it ever again, even if I chance upon on tv some day.

Of course, I realize I’m in the minority. I’m on the outside, standing in the pouring rain in soaking wet clothing, looking into a restaurant full of millions munching on Avatar and loving every blue-skinned minute of it.

It’s lonely on the outside. Really really lonely. 

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  1. …and I don't get the comparison with Star Wars, or any of the earlier epics for that matter. The money is there, but I don't feel/see The Buzz…you know that 'constant' chatter which burbles in the background after a movie hits the screen. I felt cast out when I hadn't seen Star Wars…I haven't seen Avatar and no one in my social circle cares, nor do I

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