The Best Of Biff Bam Pop – 2009

The last day of 2009 and the last Biff Bam Pop post of 2009. It’s pretty amazing that we’ve been around for over a year now. I noticed the other day that we had reached what I’d consider to be a milestone with our 500th post (which happened to belong to this week’s DVD Tuesday with Scotty G). Looking back there were lots of great highlights in all the pop culture stuff that we write about on the site, but there were also great moments that came specifically from the guys who contribute to the site. On that note, I thought it would be worth giving you some of Biff Bam Pop’s highlights from the past year.

Biff Bam Boo! – Leave it to JP to come up with what could have been a whackadoo idea. 4 stories, written by Biff Bam Pop contributors David Ward, Scott Guest, Ian Rogers, and myself, and illustrated by one man. Did I think it couldn’t be done? Possibly. I though it would be pretty hard work, but not only did JP do a fantastic job illustrating all four diverse stories, he also created unique covers for each story. With David laying out all the text, Biff Bam Boo turned out to be something very special. Here’s a link to the four issues if you missed them:

Issue 1: Charnel – story by David Ward, art by JP Fallavollita

Issue 2: Cellar Door – story by Andy Burns, art by JP Fallavollita

Issue 3: The Patch – story by Scott Guest, script by Andy Burns, art by JP Fallavollita

Issue 4: Wendy – story by Ian Rogers, art by JP Fallavollita

Interviews: 2009 also featured some pretty cool interviews and encounters from some of pop cultures more interesting figures. JP went the indie route, talking with Toronto comic book artists Jeff Lemire and Willow Dawson. Author Charlie Huston reflected on his work on Marvel’s Moon Knight while Jonathan Maberry talked about writing his first comic, Wolverine:Ghosts. We also had a massive three part interview with legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont, which gave a lot of insight into the man hailed as the real architect of the mutants we know and love today.

Articles: Over the year we had lots of solid standalone pieces as well from all of our contributors. A few of my favourites:

JMT on Old Man Logan

Scotty G And Andy Burns: Two Takes On Paranormal Activity

Pdawg On The Black Crowes Before The Frost

Biff Bam Pop Remembers Michael Jackson and John Hughes

So there you go – highlights of Biff Bam Pop’s 2009. Thanks to Scotty G, JP, Pdawg, JMT, Ogmios, and Ian Rogers for all of their great work throughout the year. And thanks to you for dropping by and reading. Here’s to 2010!

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